Half Way w/ Baby G No. 3

With life and work, I haven’t gotten around to the first trimester post… (see Hudson’s and Palmer’s!)

The first trimester, especially after the rocky journey we had to get pregnant with P and then with his less than ideal pregnancy issues, the first trimester is one that is really just SO hard. So much room for error, the awkwardness of trying to hide something so big and wonderful for fear that it might not really happen. I was honestly just in tunnel vision hoping to not focus or dwell on this amazing possibility and to break into that second trimester threshold with a sense of relief.

Well, here we are almost 22 weeks and this boy is active as ever and developing and growing like a champ. He’s been just a chill as Hudson was and it’s been a pregnancy that has really just gone with the flow and I’m super grateful. I passed my glucose test with room to spare, I haven’t gained nearly the weight as expected… yet, and even though I’m considered high risk because of my age (hello, I’m the ripe old age of 36!) I’ve been feeling really great.

Knowing that we’re having another boy is also super comforting. We truly don’t need much and I’ve slowly gone through all the baby clothes that have now made it through two of our boys over the course of 7 years! I’m making a small list of things we’ll need and approaching a few brands that make this transition at home more accommodating, but other than that here’s a little break down:


On occasion a cold glass of root beer, hot baked potato soup and a pressed sandwich. I miss sushi and cold cut sandwiches so much!


Recently I’ll get a side cramp, but besides being extra tired during the first trimester and sort of food adverse (mild nausea) symptoms have been pretty mild. Sure a stuffy nose and still a crazy sense of smell, all things that I’ve experienced before.

One thing we’re still debating on is a name… Though we have a few that are kinda sorta maybes, nothing that has come up that made us both feel like, “YES! That’s it.” So if you have a recommendation that goes well with Hudson and Palmer and might have a tie to California, New York or Florida – we’re all ears!

Here’s to the next 19 or so weeks being a breeze like the first half.


*to read about our baby journey – I get really candid here. with multiple miscarriages and loss, to those experiencing the same thing… you’re not alone.*


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