Weekend Wants

everything is on sale and I’m kinda obsessed with all of it. happy weekend!

How We Transformed Our Courtyard with Casaza

The layout of our house is truly magical – all our open spaces and indoor/outdoor segments make for fun places to entertain and play. When Casaza reached out (a platform dedicated to all things home) and wanted to partner I thought our courtyard would be a great space to do it!

With 4th of July coming up and also my sister’s birthday – we’re so excited to entertain and host some close friends and family to celebrate. We added some outdoor seating and tables from Casaza. These pieces immediately created an inviting space for everyone to hang out outside and enjoy other each other’s company.

The size of the furniture is perfect and I love the warmth of the teak. It’s a natural extension to our courtyard now and I know we’ll spend a lot more evenings here letting the boys play. Our courtyard is gated, so we don’t have to worry about the boys running out by the street or playing close to the pool. The gas lanterns, water fountain and outdoor speakers truly make it feel like a retreat and we’re super grateful for the sponsorship!

I know we’ve all been spending more time at home, so meaningful and purposeful enhancements like these make all the difference. When you start feeling cooped up indoors, it’s a nice transition to retreat outside.

For those who have never heard of Casaza before – it’s platform founded by our favorite Property Brothers. They have made a hub for all things “home” from decor, interior design needs and a place to sell. If you like what you see use code: JAMIE15 to get 15% off your first order.

I’ve got my eye on this sweet wooden tray and rustic water pitcher.

Weekend Wants

neutrals with lots of pretty faux greenery – pretty please!

Palmer – 16 Months

Another month down in a ::BLINK:: of an eye. I swear he’s taller, faster, and a much better talker in a mere 30 days. He is a wild child and I love his fierce and fearless personality so much. His chin dimple, round cheeks and blue eyes help, too. #swoon

  • Wants to read a whole library before bed. “Blue Hat, Green Hat” has been a recent favorite and Hudson will read it to him at bedtime.
  • Favorite foods include fruit snacks, veggie straws, CORN, yogurt, cheese and avocado. All of those things he’ll ask for by name.
  • Any piece of dirt or debris is suddenly a BUG. He get’s all pumped up when he “finds” a bug.
  • Likes breaking things so he can try to put them back together. His fine motor skills are pretty impressive.
  • Rides his little puppy bike with confidence and will even lift his little feet up to coast.
  • Constantly into cabinets, trash, dog bowls, toilets, monitors and plugs and of course toilet paper.
  • Has a new found joy in tossing toys down the stairs.
  • Everything time he falls down is okay, he says “Kkkk!”
  • Without fail he’ll tell you he loves you when you go to leave.
  • Has a fascination with shoes and can easily pull out a pair.
  • Favorite song is “Happy” by Pharrel Williams – loves to dance.
  • Big into Simple Songs on Youtube and Sesame Street.
  • Would prefer anyone else’s water but his own.
  • A total blankie kid (just like big bro!)
  • Obsessive about toothpaste.
  • Some of his vocabulary has a weird French accent
  • A little lover – gives the best hugs and cuddles.
  • He’s got a deep voice thing going and his current impulsive saying is “ohhhhh yeahhh!”
  • Likes to lather himself up with soap in the bath.
  • Taking swim lessons and hating every second.
  • Pretty sure by next week he’ll have all his tiny baby teeth in!

Palmer James,

Ugh, I love you so much. I can’t help but want to hold and kiss you every chance I get. You, my sweet boy, make my heart burst. Your love is so powerful and bright and brings us all so much joy and happiness. Your determination to do just about anything you want is endearing but also tiring but you’re motivated to do what your brother does and I know you don’t want to miss a thing. We don’t want to miss a thing. Soon you’ll be halfway to two and your developing personality will continue to shine! To say I’m proud to be your mother would be an understatement. Some days I can’t believe your mine. I love you something serious, kiddo.


5 Things

1 // @waityouneedthis

And really you do – her content is refreshing and her messaging is needed! She’s a bright light and I’m so glad a fellow blogger friend of mine shared her account.

2 // Rustic Elegance

I have a strong gravitational pull towards warmth and natural elements. This space is UNREAL and I’m obsessed with every detail. photo by stephen kent johnson

3 // My house on Riflepaperco.com

Anna shot her new wallpaper line at my house back in February and the line is finally live! Here are few snippets of the paper and scenes of my home.

4 // Content Creators

From bloggers, influencers, brands – you name it – this is a simple and easy guide for how to include BIPOC within your messaging, ethos and overall brand goals.

5 // Cont. Kid Education

The everymom shares so many wonderful resources – this line up is amazing. Books is one area where I don’t mind splurging for the boys. More books the better – especially those that embrace topics such as this.

My Kitchen Decor Essentials

I’m always asked “how do you style your kitchen? what’s the secret?” and truthfully there isn’t one.

Kitchen decor for the most part should be practical. My philosophy is don’t put things out there that 1) doesn’t serve a purpose 2) doesn’t mean something.

We all want our kitchen and home to look and feel good – no doubt! So here are my everyday kitchen essentials and where they should go:

At/near your cooktop or range

  • crock
  • wooden spoons
  • salt and pepper holder
  • tray or trivet for your olive oil or spices
  • pretty olive oil container
  • cook book stand for either a cookbook, photograph or painting
  • Neutral hand towels
  • A statement rug

At/near your sink

  • Pretty soap that smells amazing
  • Cute paper towel holder
  • Public goods dish soap and sponge
  • A pretty rack for air dry doesn’t hurt either
  • A comfy and practical mat

Island decor

  • Start with a base, like a tray or even a basket
  • Add a bowl with your favorite fruit, veggie or citrus
  • A candle for ambiance
  • Coasters – I love marble ones, but leather are fun too!
  • Vase with some type of floral arrangement or greenery

Open Shelving

  • Pretty grab and go dishware – big fan of canvas home dishes, glass mason jars and ceramic mugs
  • Cookbooks and cutting boards
  • Art pieces or framed photographs
  • Statement cookware that doesn’t get used all the time – casserole dishes or pitchers
  • Greenery – useful herbs are perfect for the kitchen (we have rosemary!)

Weekend Wants

a hearty mix of neutrals for home and body.

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