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spring and pollen is in the air and I’m ready for some solid fresh air and sunshine.

Design Time – 10 Questions

A podcast I’ve been consuming lately is Domino’s Design Time. It’s where their editor in chief interviews influential people in the design world. She always wraps up every episode with 10 questions – rapid style.

I thought, even though I won’t be on their podcast anytime soon, I could still share my own answers to their 10 questions:

Design Hero / Influence

My favorite is Amber from Amber Interiors. Everything about her aesthetic really resonates with me and I love her approach to elevated everyday living with a California twist. I’m also loving Jean Stoffer and how she mixes classic with European. Both are so talented!

Favorite Color & Color Pairing

I am such a big fan of neutrals and will always lean into them more than anything vibrant. Warm colors are my favorite right now – so warm/creamy whites and a beautiful pale pale pink and earthy moss tones.

Favorite Material

Organic cotton and natural stone. The use of natural materials or even recycled materials are very important to me. I appreciate how natural materials like stone or brass age.

Favorite Hotel That Your Missing

Wythe Hotel – missing moments in New York more than I thought. Quick trips with Nick were so easy and frequent and I miss those random work/play trips in a city that means a lot to us.

Favorite Design Object

Anything from Allied Maker at the moment. They are making some really beautiful light fixtures that are truly pieces of art. I also recently saw in Jessie Loffeler’s new store front that she and the interior designer, Poonam Khanna came up with these tile cubes for display…. I SO want to make one now from samples.

Favorite Furniture Designer

Shoppe Amber Interiors custom LA furniture is so beautiful – but honestly, I’m just loving classic shapes in organic materials.

Book or Film that Provides Constant Inspiration
Gimme all the design books. I am spending some free time looking at Made for Living and Homebody for truly useful design tips and advice.

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

Favorite Flower or Plant

Olive branches forever and ever. I also love anemones and of course, peonies. I recently got a subscription box from Farmgirl Flowers – it’s nice treat two times a month to deck the house in fresh blooms.

Favorite Vintage Source

Etsy first, 1st Dibs second and Charish third.

Iconic Space That Inspired You

It’s not a space but the Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridge are so monumental and I always find myself in awe whenever I’m around them.

Modern Simplicity with Garnet Hill

this post is sponsored by Garnet Hill but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

With our new bed, I wanted to update our bedding to not be so stark. For awhile everything was crisp and white, but now I’m craving soft neutrals and texture.

With the new Modern Simplicity collection from Garnet Hill I snagged some organic bedding options from the cotton duvet to the linen quilt and lumbar pillow.

It’s also a good idea to update your towels from time to time – granted it’s a material you almost every day, so we opted for the organic waffle towel set that dries quick and looks super cute (it’s an off white) hanging on our hooks.

I’m so happy with the quality of the materials but also how they look and perform. They have been wonderful additions to our everyday routine and make our bed and bath feel elevated but still serene.

To shop the Modern Simplicity collection click here.

Weekend Wants

soft neutrals and touches of spring on my mind

Palmer James is TWO

Baby boy you’re two. This mama heart almost can’t take it. I remember feeling your contractions and counting them with anticipation. Not nervousness… granted being pregnant with you wasn’t easy, but I was so ready for your sweet arrival.

As I look back on it, it was all such a whirlwind. Chasing your brother around, getting through the holidays and birthdays and New Year I felt like the last 30 days and even your due date was a total blur.

Here you are now, the biggest two year old I’ve ever seen. You’re such a story-teller, boundary pusher, and animal lover. Your giggle is infectious and your big loving heart, back pats and eye kisses are my favorite.

For sure you’re every bit of two – you don’t listen, you do anything and everything you’re not supposed to. You’ve had some gnarly accidents, but your fearless and resilient and determined to learn things the hard way. You’ve been transitioning to eating at the table in your “big chair” and you can walk up and down the stairs while muttering “hard work” and you can climb in and out of your crib with pure confidence.

Palmer, we always knew we wanted Hudson to have a sibling. We tried for almost two years before we were in the “safe zone” with you. All the loss in-between you and your brother isn’t forgotten but I know know that it was all so worth it. You fill me up kiddo in ways I never thought possible. The last two years feel like they have flown by but was also set on slow speed. This past year with all of us being home, I think we were able to see you grow and develop and mature presently. For that I am grateful.

I hope you have the best birthday bubba – filled with balloons, donuts and maybe some french fries and a million trillion kisses. Mama loves you more than you will ever know.

Weekend Wants

lots of new spring picks from decor to fashion. kinda sorta ready for warmer weather.

5 Items to Style Simple Open Kitchen Shelving

after completing my first shoot/style of the year, I thought I would take a second to highlight the simplicity of styling and curating the perfect decor for kitchen open shelving.

Kitchen Open Shelving Styling Tips

It might depend on the style of the home, vibe of the kitchen and of course where the shelving is located, but these (5) simple items will make any open shelving look perfectly crafted but also useful.

  1. Cookbooks
  2. Cutting boards
  3. Fresh and faux florals
  4. Glassware and serveware
  5. Art (loving landscapes and vintage looking pieces)

A mix of any these 5 things will guarantee a beautiful shelfie moment. A key to making it look and feel complete is to play with layering and height.

Stack a few cookbooks and layer a few cutting boards. Bottom shelves should be styled with more ready to reach items you might need from time to time – like cookbooks, glassware etc. The higher shelving should be more for decor and use of taller items that help bring your eye up – I like to use faux florals or art. Cake stands are also great for this!

Most of these items are relatively affordable and can be found at your local Target, Amazon and my favorite McGee & Co.

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