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What I Wore to My First New York Fashion Week

You know, that Kate Spade New York Fall 2018 Presentation that I can’t shut up about?

Yeahhhh. That one.


Well I was decked out in Kate Spade New York (naturally) and most of it from their Spring line and moral of the story I froze and killed my feet in the process BUT it was totally worth it.

I know, at the end of the day, I wore the outfit all you Insta peeps voted for and I wasn’t the only one acting kinda crazy because it was fashion week.

It was everything I thought it would be and more. Everyone from the Kate Spade New York team to celebrities to complete strangers were NICE. And approachable. And all in awe of the moment and I loved that. It was a total dream to attend this show but to also wear their clothes and represent a brand I’ve idolized for years.

Also, having Megan to document my morning and this journey was the best decision I ever made. I also made a sweet new friend and will proudly cherish these photos for a realllly long time.


Kate Spade New York Fall 2018 Presentation

If you missed my Insta coverage of the Kate Spade New York Fall 2018 Presentation – don’t fret. Thought I would share some snaps that I took during the show.

When I got to Masonic Hall lovely ladies were taking your name to check you in and to also check your coat. I kept mine because I was frozen solid. As I walked in a bit further Isla Fisher and Lucy Hale were posing for a million pictures.

The actual presentation was on floor 3 – so you either waited for the elevator (which is what the majority did – or you can take the stairs.)

As you enter you’re almost blinded by the hundreds of lights on stage that illuminated the entire space. I loved the horseshoe looking lights with spades. Insanely clever.

When I got there (maybe 15 mins after it started) it was already filled with people. You can hear some cool country style music from the band Joseph. They were up in the mezzanine seating. They had a cute old fashion bar set up where you could snag sparkling waters or your fair share of sweet champagne. They had servers passing around yummy chocolate/almond cookies – I swear I only had one. 

Going solo was kinda interesting and I’ll tell you why – I was actually fearless. Jamie Chung walked in and I said hello – fast forward 15 mins and we already talked about how we styled our outfits, our relationship with Fossil and how she’s looking for someone to help her with her Atlanta rental while she’s there filming. Oh and we’re also from the Bay so we touched on that, too. We played the old style raffle together and both win a Spade pin and then Lucy Hale walked up. So we chatted some more. I mean SERIOUSLY? 

Thing is – in a place surrounded by influential people, you have to realize you’re also there for a reason. NOT just because you know the coolest chick that works at Kate Spade New York BUT because she and her team think I am just as cool as everyone else to be there. So I own it. 

Next up was Natalie from Stranger Things and I will say I might have come in hot because I am obsessed with her show and she is (with her team of two) actually quite shy.



The actual Kate Spade New York presentation was beautiful – the models were decked out in denim (hellooo! speaking my language) which came from their Nashville inspired theme. There was fringe, animal print and indigo hues.

I loved all the leather boots, too. The models had natural hair and make-up, except for some jewels on the occasional eyelid. I could have used all the Fall coats in boots in their presentation, I’ll tell you that much. Maybe I can wear a few to the Spring 2019 presentation?

I got to catch up with @luckypennyblog and @ananewyork.

I spotted @taza from a distance but didn’t get a chance to say hello. It was a total whirlwind of two hours and I stayed till the bitter end.

Thank you, Kate Spade New York for hosting me. I was truly honored 🙂


Working My Street Style at NYFW with Amazon Fashion

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion but these words and opinions are all my own.

So I knew it was going to be cold. New York in February – I mean, it’s a given. 

BUT I didn’t realize just HOW cold. The day of my first show, I really wasn’t ready – mind you it was 28 degrees. Dressed in all spring pieces – I froze. But in-between shows and meetings and (the occasional coffee stop) I layered like a true New Yorker.

Thanks to Amazon Fashion, I snagged a bunch of pieces that 1) would keep me warm 2) look different, yet cool all at the same time. I mean we all love a good street style.

To be completely honest I just really loved this look SO much, (gasp!) I wore it twice. Once to dinner with my friends Krystal and Nora and then this day.

The sneakers were a total life saver (I love to walk the city) and I love the rockstar vibe of them with the studs on the heel. I also want to take a second to rave about this sweater/coat – the hybrid fit is a total win and the two tone of the sleeves makes it more polished.


For those wondering what else I’m wearing – it’s actually a long sleeve button down dress that I wore under a mock neck sweater. I unbuttoned it half way down to add some movement, but to also add that additional layer up top. It really made the look I think.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – sometimes the weather can help you.


jacket, sweater, dress, jeans and shoes c/o Amazon Fashion 

photos: megan morgan / location: new york city

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