5 Things

1 // Chasing Paper Collab

Been a longtime fan and customer of Chasing Paper and was stoked to see their new designs with Jen Peters! Colorful, minimal and summery removable wallpaper options!

2 // Breastfeeding Article

Real numbers, real expectations and real examples. Granted Palmer is drinking 4-5oz a time (breastmilk via a bottle) he seems to be way more satiated and nap longer. I can pump from both breasts 4-5oz every 3 hours, so barely keeping up with his feeding schedule. I don’t have a milk stash (yet) but I do plan on continuing this breastmilk journey as long as I can. Fingers crossed I don’t have a run with mastitis again.

3 // Living Room Goals

Been hanging out a lot in our living room lately – loving this California casual style by Amber Interiors. From the beams, fireplace and on point decor I’d move right in.

4 // Make Time

More than ever for things that really matter. Like quality family time. Holding my newborn just a little bit longer. Sending those texts and thank you cards. Being present. It’s so easy to forget to make time for things that matter when you can easily get consumed by the things that don’t.

5 // Pacific Natural

How gorgeous is this book? Jenni Kayne can do no wrong in my book. I love her aesthetic, her blog, her vibes and her Tahoe cabin. Need to get this for the coffee table!

A New Way to Stroll with Bugaboo

We’ve loved our Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller – it was one of the things we just had to have when Hudson was born (almost 4 years ago!). But now that we have two kids and we’re big on neighborhood walks, going to Disney and farmer’s market Saturdays we needed to convert our stroller to be 2 kid friendly.

Luckily, the folks at Bugaboo sent over their comfort wheeled board so Hudson can sit or stand and ride right along with us. To him, it’s his stroller and it was important for us to include him or at least give him the option to ride along with his brother. Even though he’s 4 and will gladly ride his bike or walk, his little legs do get tired and we always want to have a spot for him – he’s our big kid, but still our baby.

And we also snagged Bugaboo’s changing bag – it’s perfect for packing up everything for 2 kids – from toys, diapers, change of clothes, wipes, bottles, changing pad and everything else – it keeps us organized and fits well with the stroller. Look at us roll!

thank you Bugaboo for the gifts – we’re all super grateful!

photos: abby cox

Weekend Wants

SPRING is on my mind with a beach vacation two months away!

Gernert, party of four.

And just like that we went to a party of three to a party of four. Well, not just like that since this time around actually took years and this pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, but here we are. I swear I blinked and missed March.

Now that Palmer is here though Nick and I have been reflecting a lot about how/what it was like when we brought Hudson home for the first time. I found this old blog post about how parenting is totally a TEAM EFFORT because it is. Now that we have two, we need to divide and conquer. As we’re still finding our rhythm – Palmer is still a little unpredictable and fussy at night – I’m reminded how I just couldn’t do this alone and how I truly married the love of my life. Nick is my rock and he’s given me my world.

We’re officially 6 weeks postpartum and I’m just now starting to feel like myself again. Healing this time around took awhile and it’s been a longer process. I’m looking forward to getting back into yoga and being more active with my loves. Everyone talks about the “fourth trimester” and how difficult it can be on mama and baby – I think setting the right expectation is key and just taking care of yourself is important.

photos: abby cox

New Juice Obsession by Natalie’s OJ

No secret I’m a juice drinker. Heck, all I wanted to drink when I was pregnant with Palmer was smoothies. There’s just something so great about drinking so many GOOD things – convenient, tasty and healthy.

Well, Natalie’s has stepped it up a notch. Their NEW cold-pressed holistic juices are now available at your local Publix!

Being busy and stuck around the house during the week taking care of a needy (loves to be held and eats a ton 5 week old) turning to juices like these by Natalie’s throughout the day is a great (easy!) boost to get the nutrients I need in a quick and painless way.

Click here for a $1.00 coupon to use at your favorite Publix.

thank you Natalie’s for gifting the new juices! the words and opinions of this post are of my own.

Palmer – One Month

A little late on Palmer’s one month post – I actually went back and looked at Hudson’s one month post and I think I’ll be a little more elaborate than that but since I did a post every month for Hudson until he turned two, I need to keep the digital journaling going for Palmer, too.

So far Palmer is very different from Hudson – here are just a handful of things:

  1. NEEDS to be moving or rocked
  2. Not a fan of swaddles, but likes a sleep slack
  3. Eats more and doesn’t like it when we supplement with formula
  4. A bit on the gasier side
  5. ALWAYS gets hiccups
  6. Loves his car seat and car rides

He’s also super blonde and blue eyed, so we’ll see if that lasts! He’s been smiling and cooing a lot more which is fun to see. Can’t wait for his personality to start showing!

Hudson has been a big help with “his baby.” From grabbing things for us, singing to Palmer when he gets upset to giving him his pacifier, I’ve been super impressed. These boys have my heart.

Weekend Wants

itching to do a major closet clean out and to buy some much needed new Spring styles.

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