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Most of them went to the pumpkin patch post, but here’s a few extra.

My Second First Trimester

Kinda weird typing that out, but well I’m excited to say our first trimester with our second babe has come and gone.

Comparing it to Hudson, I thought it dragged on – we found out were pregnant early again, so to wait 3+ months after two miscarriages felt like an eternity. It truly was the longest and hardest trimester – trying to hide it and just HOPING that this time it was going to all work out.

Even though this pregnancy is very different than when I was pregnant with Hudson – there was one thing in common. No morning sickness, but since I broke down my symptoms and how I dealt with them the first time, I thought I would do that well, a second time…


Again, was the first real symptom for me. I felt like everything I ate just stuck around a bit longer and things were fitting snug sooner rather than later. I upped my water in-take and tried to eat slower so I wouldn’t eat past being full. For the most part, those two things help. And you can pop a Tums if you need too – just read the label.


I’m truly not a huge coffee drinker, though I live with one. I love a good cup (okay, half a cup) here and there but when the temps drop and the fall drinks come out I’ve got a weakness. Fall beer is like my favorite beer ever, so I just justify a fall decaf coffee drink to scratch my fall beverage itch. Though some headaches might be caffeine related, I think the rest of the time it’s because I need 1) good sleep 2) WATER. So those two things have been critical. Plus, a Tylenol if I really need it. When I was pregnant with Hudson I stayed away if I could, but being a mom and being pregnant sometimes you need quick relief because you don’t have the time or luxury to wait it out.

Lack of Energy

A biggie! Am I right? Weekend naps were back and they were glorious. When Hudson would go down for a nap, I would, too. But to biggie back on this lack of energy bit, I was also encourage to rest. Around 10 weeks they found a subchorionic hematoma which caused spotting and turned me back into panic mode. No more yoga, bike rides, lifting heavy things – basically rest and put your feet up. And on top of that I’ve had partial placenta previa, which also encourages rest and not over doing it. It all jived with my first trimester though since I was tired a lot, but now in my second trimester and feeling like I have some energy back (no more hematoma! yay! but my placenta is still in the way a bit) so I wish I could be more active, but still I gotta wait.

Stuffy Nose

My nose always gets worse – every morning it’s stuffy and on occasion bloody. I sneeze a ton and it itches and irritates my eyes. Just like with Hudson, my nose with a mess and probably the most annoying symptom yet because there isn’t much I can do about it. Besides having tissues in every room of the house.



I stopped eating a lot of dairy after Hudson was born. I just didn’t feel great after eating ice cream, or cereal or even a milkshake. So I went straight to almond milk and coconut milk desserts. But with this pregnancy I’ve been wanting Noosa yogurt (made with cow milk – either for breakfasts or snacks) and have been feeling fine! I’ll add berries, bananas and granola and it’s awesome. For my after dinner treat it’s been Oreos. Don’t ask me why – but Oreos are officially the weird craving item. Unlike with Hudson I wanted brussel sprouts and chips.

Overall, it was a stressful time that I’m glad we’re through. I love feeling him move and totally ready for the next two phases.

5 Things

1 // Sincerely Jules at Target

Girl can do no wrong and now I want more scrunchies. Been following her awhile now and can’t get enough of her CA cool vibe. She’s the reason I want 30 pairs of vans and 20 billabong swim suits. Power of influencer marketing is good and well.

2 // Hair Towel FTW

So I’ve tried this towel for over a week now and I DO think it’s made a difference. Even though I’ve added a few moisturizing products to my routine as well, this towel definitely dries my hair quicker and cuts back on the frizz. Plus, it doesn’t weigh ten pounds – highly recommend it!

3 // Anine Bing x Janesa Leone

Seriously, these two female power houses made a perfect collaboration. Anine’s rocker vibe mixed with Janesa’s classic and understated hat silhouettes just work. I need to measure my head and leave the size here, because this would be a rad Christmas present or something.


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4 // GQ France

Just going to point out their latest issue and leave it right here for your viewing pleasure.

5 // Part heel part boot

I died and want to Fall shoe heaven. Love the mix of texture, color and unique fit. It looks like a bootie but with a fabulous heel and now I’m sold. If only I went out enough to justify the purchase. #momproblems

A Day at Long and Scott Farms

October is here and with a slight beach break coming up on the middle of the month we thought we would take advantage and get some pumpkins, play with cousins and do Hudson’s favorite – a hay ride. Kid loves his tractors.

It was (once again) a bit hot to fully enjoy Fall activities but we powered through and scored some pretty cute pumpkins.

Why Burt’s Bees® is A Staple In Our Home

This post is sponsored by Burt’s Bees®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s no secret I love Burt’s Bees® – I’ve mentioned their products (unsponsored) many times before because I do truly use their products. When I saw the opportunity to work with them on a skin/beauty campaign with Target I jumped on it because they are already a natural extension of my beauty and even home routine.

I snagged a bunch of goodies from their new display at Target (now through Oct 14th – you can save 10% on select Burt’s Bees® products at Target) I typically buy their face wipes in bulk, lip balms (& tinted lip balms) and sheet masks. I was stoked to add a hand cream and a new overnight lip treatment that I’m loving so far.



They just released two new hand creams which is really exciting as the weather starts to change – the minute our humidity level drops (it’s glorious, don’t get me wrong) but my skin immediately gets really dry, especially my hands. I wash them all the time, so a nice hand cream is essential as the seasons change.

Burt’s Bees® is a brand that focuses on nutrient rich natural ingredients. I feel good using their products and I love that I can find their stuff at my local Target.

Here’s a quick highlight on a few products I can’t go without: 

Face Towelettes

The thing with Burt’s Bees®, which I love, is that anyone can really use and enjoy their products. I use the face wipes on me and my son – they are perfect for yoga days, bike rides and in general on-the-go weekends. I have them in my guest bathroom for anyone who stays with us. I use them every morning and every night.

Sheet Masks

They come in handy for a mom who, from time to time, needs a little pick me up. It’s a total treat when I get few extra minutes to myself at night to toss on a mask (scare my husband in the process) and just give my skin and mood a total boost. Plus, they are a great gift idea – I typically toss in a mask or two when I ship anything to my sister.

Lip Care

I hardly ever wear lipstick – I’m a lip balm user 100%. But I like variety. I don’t wear a ton of make-up, maybe I’ll spice it up on date night, so a little tint in my nutrient rich lip balm is a game changer. These also make for great easy gifts. No one can ever have enough. My sister still is a heavy consumer of their original Beeswax Lip Balm. It’s rare if she doesn’t have one in arm’s length.

Hand Cream

It’s easily the one body part that I probably neglect the most. I wash my hands, use sanitizing spray and hate oily hands that will surely end up greasing my hair because i can’t keep my hands off my head. BUT with their new hand cream additions I’m going to make a point to use their hand cream every night to give them a little more attention that they deserve.

And to just reiterate my love for Burt’s Bees® I use their Mama Bee® belly butter (I used it when I was pregnant with Hudson and using it again with his pregnancy) and I always have their blemish stick in my top drawer – it’s the best quick acne spot treatment I’ve ever used. And lastly, the only shampoo/body wash we used on Hudson the first 2 years of his life was Burt’s Bees Baby®.

Thank you Burt’s Bees® for being a staple and trustworthy brand in our home. Hope you guys give their Target display another glance while it’s up until 11/3.


Maternity Go-To

Well it’s true – I’ve embraced more maternity styles this go around than the before. And it’s not that I can’t wear anything else it’s because there are some truly well done maternity brands/styles now that make dressing this ever changing body quite fun.

I’ve been following Hatch for awhile now, but I love their jumpsuits (like so) along with their “essentials” collection and their brilliant hatch to hospital box. I still want to snag their tummy temporary tattoos and their belly oil! They even have belly facials which sound amazing.

The beauty of their stuff though is it takes you through pregnancy but also postpartum. This jumpsuit is perfect to discretely hide the soft middle moments.

We took these photos during our CA/SF trip when I was 11 weeks along and totally forgot to post them. So here ya go.

jumpsuit c/o hatch | shoes vans


Weekend Wants

I think I’ve got a fall “type.”


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