Sweater Weather with Splendid

Last fall/winter I got kinda hooked on cashmere. The cashmere sweater might be the greatest invention ever.

I love how soft, light weight and cozy it is. Perfect with denim cut offs if the temps are still a little high or with your favorite pair of jeans. It’s an easy way to feel more put together even when you’re staying in. This color block cashmere sweater from Splendid is worth every penny.

It is for sure a closet staple that you’ll be excited to break out year after year!

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Happy sweater weather and first day of fall!

What I Got And What I Still Want from the New Fall Studio McGee for Target Release

It was maybe even more anticipated this go around since folks loved the first release so much. As much as I wanted to set my alarm for a super early wake up call to, I didn’t because I was up fishing at 3am – so I saved a bunch of items I liked to my favorites and shopped what I could around 7:30am EST. Even by then, some highly coveted items were sold out.

Thankfully since Targets are open, some of the designs trickled into stores before the big launch and I did get a few beautiful pieces! This blog post on the Target website talked about the line a bit more – it’s a lovely collection that’s getting me hyped for fall!

Here’s what I got and loved:

I’m a sucker for affordable decor pieces – so I snagged the wood bowl and a couple framed pieces of art to start. The bowl is super transitional and can be used to function in a kitchen or sit pretty on a shelf. I also love the vintage looking art pieces so much – it’s super trendy right now and if you ever change styles, that’s okay – these won’t break the bank!

I also snagged the rattan lamp which I LOVE – I found a lovely spot for it in our guest room which I’m slowly styling and furnishing – hope to share more soon.

I also got these adorable chairs (I wanted black, but got the natural oak look instead) and these will be for the boys’ playroom desk. I think they will grow with the boys and can always transition to more seating if we ever needed more chairs. Super cute set for $150!

Also, faux olive trees forever. We have one in our master and main living room. Going to add one to our guest room as well!

Here’s what I’m hoping to still find:

I was really hoping for check rug, floor lamp and desk lamps. I feel like one can never have too many lamps and I have the hardest time finding ones that I like but are also affordable. The tall buffet lamps in black and gold would be perfect on my floating desk, new office above the garage and maybe on our buffet table in our dining room. Also, the wood boxes are adorable – I love the layering look of them and we have plenty of floating shelf space.

Weekend Wants

I’m lighting fall candles every night and I bought two cinnamon brooms. I think I’m ready for some fall vibes. Who’s with me?

WYC Designs

Whelp, I did it. I flippin’ did it.

I just launched my own business and this is week TWO. I’ve decided after a lot of introspection and time at home to really focus on what I’m passionate about and create more flexibility to be at home and to take on the projects that inspire me.

Jamie Gernert, founder WYC Designs

WYC Designs plays off Work Your Closet since this is the brand I’ve been building since college. It has become part of my identity and so it felt natural to bring WYC in. WYC Designs is all about creating and designing meaningful spaces and projects from interiors, social media and branding/photography.

I’m super excited to take on this endeavor and to really see where it all takes me. I’ve had so much growth and recognition this year that it seemed like an organic time to ride this momentum and to push for something that I’ve always dreamt about. MY OWN THING.

Whether you’re a neighbor needing help on design selections, a local business or entrepreneur who needs help with their social presence or maybe a brand looking for specific photography – think of me. Give me a chance. I’m ready for it all.

Jamie Gernert, founder of WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, founder WYC Designs. Branding board.

The branding for this project was very important to me. I wanted the overall look and feel to be very ME. This gig is personal, it’s my own creation and in the end I’m pitching myself for services that I am passionate about so the branding/vibe needed to reflect that.

I pursue simple and organic elements with a strong affinity for natural materials, colors and soothing palettes – I think WYC Designs branding board does just that.

I worked with this sweet Etsy shop and would highly recommend them! If anyone is on the fence about starting their own business – JUMP and don’t be surprised to fly.

Weekend Wants

lusting over rust colors and sage greens! Lots of labor day sales are happening – with most of below #onsale

Palmer – 18 Months


I’m so behind on this post, but I couldn’t miss it. 18 months of P has a been a whirlwind and this past month has been no exception.

He’s a wrecking ball of cute and wild energy and I continuously just want to eat him up.

my rainbow baby
the gernerts
  • Tries to repeat just about everything
  • Big into hugs – he’s super affectionate.
  • Laughs after every burp
  • Loves rice, cous cous, broccoli, pouches, yogurt and beef
  • Wants to do everything brother does – video games, coloring and riding bikes!
  • Has a thing for removing his pants and diaper
  • An amazing little sleeper and big time swimmer
  • Sporting the blondest covid mullet
  • BIG fan of trash cans… still.
  • Not really a beach kid. Like really?! Gonna be a mountain boy someday, I bet.
  • PAPA is still LIFE
  • Wants to read a million books before bed
  • Says things like “aw, cute!” “okay, yeah!” “thank youuuu.” “WOW!” and “COOL!”
  • Requests Happy, Moana and Frozen songs on repeat
  • Life of his own little party
  • He constantly has little beads of sweat on his nose
  • OFF the charts TALL
  • Loves to be chased
  • Will hide and yell “boo”
  • Knows the color blue

Palmer James,

As much as I hate seeing you grow up, I love seeing you develop. You’re a strong willed, determined and happy little guy and I love you with my whole heart. You bring our family so much joy and laughter and I some mornings when I walk into your bedroom and you say “mamaaa!” in that sweet high pitched voice, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thank you my sweet P for being YOU. For choosing me. You’re gonna move mountains, kid.

Mama loves you.

September Signs of Fall

from sweaters, textures, scents and home decor. I’ve rounded up some fall touches to start giving off that lovely feeling of FALL.


Adding some faux fall foliage is always a great place to start. You can also add warmth with texture like throw blankets, pillows and woven baskets. I like to update photos with fall/winter snaps (fun to reminisce!) and a fall candle never ever fails. Open one of your favorite home decor books to a fall inspiring page. I’m debating a new table cloth is a darker hue to bring out a fall mood – gathre has the best ones!


I snagged some new nail shades from the Olive and June fall line and I’m so excited to try them. They have a green similar to this which is very popular right now. They are hands down my favorite polish, and since I’m not making mani/pedi appointments anymore – their mani kit is great, too! (A perfect gift idea) I also love the idea of keeping the summer glow from Summer – so the St. Tropez face mist is a must! The Sezane fragrance is a nice way to transition from summer scents – it reminds me of many trips to New York in the colder months.


via pinterest

From sandals to sneakers, t-shirts to cozy long sleeves and coordinating sets. I’m all in! Knit blazers are still having a moment, which I love and then pair with a dad jean – it will be my fall go-to!

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