5 Things

1 // NEW Kate Spade New York

Truth is they spoil me rotten and I’m a pig in slop every time they send a box. What I’m loving that’s new and totally worth the splurge:


2 // @hudsonwilder

For one, I love the name. Now I wish Hudson’s middle name was Wilder. Would Nick notice if I changed it? Regardless, looks like an uber cool spot in NYC (of course) and I dig what they share on Instagram – their classic cars and captions are spot on.

3 // The American Field Trip

Met these cuties over the weekend during the #instameetpcb and seriously they are family goals. I envy their willingness to just go and drive and learn and explore as a rad party of 4. Also, Margie loves chips. She’s my girl.

4 // This GATHER Mat

Might need to snatch one up for Hudson – his Ikea rug works and all, but I like cute functional things, too. Plus, I’m digging their vegan yoga mat concept. Photo by Anna.

5 // My Ring Just Cooler 

So I loved the idea of the emerald cut in a horizontal setting – Nick obviously got the hint since he executed it so well and then I see this one! To the next level. Maybe it’s just in the air with the Royal wedding and all (her reception dress BTW was perfection!) but I can totally appreciate the craftsmanship and the lucky lady that’s gonna literally ROCK it. photo credit.

The Daily Ritual Tank Dress I’m Living In

You can never go wrong with a tank dress.

I swear they are literally the most versatile thing you can have in your closet. You can dress them up or down and they are perfect for adding layers. This one is crazy comfortable, moves and fits perfect in all the right places. With Florida weather it’s a life saver and you bet I’ll be wearing this on the regular for awhile.

Good news for you – snag it off Amazon Fashion for a mere $20! Boom! You’re welcome.

Daily Ritual dress c/o Amazon Fashion / Vans / bag & watch c/o Fossil

photos: sydney norberg

Weekend Wants

Summery stripes, golds and glow!

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty sweet… up close with Justin Timberlake didn’t hurt either 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to meeeeee.

Take Me Out in Daily Ritual by Amazon Fashion

It really doesn’t take much. I mean, you guys saw what I wore to Justin Timberlake the other night right? When it comes to dressing I want to be first and foremost comfortable.

I gravitate towards neutrals and basics (don’t we all!?) but sometimes we have a hard time finding the best resource. When Amazon Fashion reached out about Daily Ritual Clothing I was like “YES PLEASE!”

Affordable and comfortable basics with the quickness. PRIME members rejoice! Don’t just order another box of swiffers, add these leggings and tank to go with it. For both of them it’s under $50 🙂

This is an outfit that I would wear all day with sneaks and then dress up with some jewelry and a cool mule. Like so.

Daily Ritual tank and leggings c/o Amazon Fashion | Mules c/o Rockport | Watch & bag c/o Fossil

photos: sydney norberg / location: the guesthouse

5 Things

1 // Letterfolk Nailed it

Coming off of Mother’s Day – this quote sums up motherhood in a nut-shell. I save so many of their Instagram squares, it’s kinda ridiculous.

2 // Congrats Chriselle!

She’s got a voice and she’s using it in a way that I really love. She’s expecting baby #2 after sharing her miscarriage experiences and as a mama who can totally relate, women who open up like this provide me comfort. I hope my stories do the same for you.

3 // Taylor’s Custom Vans

She designed these high tops and I think made the best looking combo around. Vans, I’ll gladly buy her designed pair.

4 // Blueberry Cashew Bars from True Roots

I’m a total KC fan and I know she pushes her True Roots cook book to death – but these bars look amazing. Has anyone tried them? Do you own the cookbook, is it worth to buy!? Asking for a friend.

5 // $100 Wrap Dress by Everlane

I’m working with Everlane on some upcoming content which I’m so stoked about, but while we plan all that I thought I would share their latest and greatest – the simple yet perfect $100 wrap dress. Snag one (or two) for Summer.


Mama Love

She’s a tough cookie, this one.

She continues to prove that life, no matter the challenge, isn’t just about you.

It’s about how you handle it and the others around you.

Gigi, you’re an inspiration and we love you MORE

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