• Third Trimester Athleisure

    Those three words are pretty much synonymous. When it comes to the last 4 weeks it's time to just let it go - comfortable shoes for me has been a must and since I've been wearing a version of this for

    Third Trimester Athleisure
  • Same Things Just Different – Pregnancy Style

    It's truly a capsule wardrobe when it comes down to it. The same 10 things over and over. And as much as I wanted to purge my closet this year and get rid of everything that doesn't spark JOY, I

    Same Things Just Different – Pregnancy Style
  • Belly Coming Through

    I don't do too many side angle shots so the photo of me crossing the street is like... "Really?! Hello, belly!" I mean I feel it - maneuvering around just isn't the same but I'm still feeling

    Belly Coming Through
  • Embracing the Maternity Jean with Warp & Weft

    Truth be told I didn't spend nearly enough time/money on maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Hudson. I was all about making my current closet work - with an exception of 2 maternity jeans,

    Embracing the Maternity Jean with Warp & Weft

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5 Things

1 // Chasing Paper Collab Been a longtime fan and customer of Chasing Paper and was stoked to see their new designs with Jen Peters! Colorful, minimal and summery removable wallpaper options! 2 // Breastfeeding Article Real numbers, real expectations and real examples. Granted Palmer is drinking 4-5oz a time…

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A New Way to Stroll with Bugaboo

We’ve loved our Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller – it was one of the things we just had to have when Hudson was born (almost 4 years ago!). But now that we have two kids and we’re big on neighborhood walks, going to Disney and farmer’s market Saturdays we needed to…

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Gernert, party of four.

And just like that we went to a party of three to a party of four. Well, not just like that since this time around actually took years and this pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, but here we are. I swear I blinked and missed March. Now that Palmer is here…

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New Juice Obsession by Natalie’s OJ

No secret I’m a juice drinker. Heck, all I wanted to drink when I was pregnant with Palmer was smoothies. There’s just something so great about drinking so many GOOD things – convenient, tasty and healthy. Well, Natalie’s has stepped it up a notch. Their NEW cold-pressed holistic juices are…

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Palmer – One Month

A little late on Palmer’s one month post – I actually went back and looked at Hudson’s one month post and I think I’ll be a little more elaborate than that but since I did a post every month for Hudson until he turned two, I need to keep the…

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Weekend Wants

itching to do a major closet clean out and to buy some much needed new Spring styles….

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