• This Skirt Makes Me Happy

    And some days that's all it takes. Simple pleasures like a fun skirt, blue skies, or your favorite snack shouldn't go unappreciated right now. Also, air kisses. Send them.

    This Skirt Makes Me Happy

    this post is sponsored by Madewell but the thoughts and content are my own. As isolating as this whole thing can be the truth is - we're in this together. That WE all have a direct impact on how

  • Spring in my step with Madewell

    this post is sponsored by Madewell, but the thoughts and words are my own. I know, #stayhome. And we are... we really are. But sometimes getting dressed, grabbing an iced coffee to-go from your

    Spring in my step with Madewell
  • What I Packed to Mexico

    I typically think about what I want to pack a few days in advance. With Hudson not feeling well, I thought less about packing and more about him. I literally packed the night before and I wore

    What I Packed to Mexico

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My Go-To Cleaning Supplies

A get a lot of questions about counter top maintenance (particularly for our natural stone) and general cleaning supplies in and around our kitchen. I think we’re all trying to be a bit more cleanly in how we live so I totally understand why you or others might be interested….

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How We Transformed Our Courtyard with Casaza

The layout of our house is truly magical – all our open spaces and indoor/outdoor segments make for fun places to entertain and play. When Casaza reached out (a platform dedicated to all things home) and wanted to partner I thought our courtyard would be a great space to do…

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Palmer – 16 Months

Another month down in a ::BLINK:: of an eye. I swear he’s taller, faster, and a much better talker in a mere 30 days. He is a wild child and I love his fierce and fearless personality so much. His chin dimple, round cheeks and blue eyes help, too. #swoon…

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5 Things

1 // @waityouneedthis And really you do – her content is refreshing and her messaging is needed! She’s a bright light and I’m so glad a fellow blogger friend of mine shared her account. 2 // Rustic Elegance I have a strong gravitational pull towards warmth and natural elements. This…

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