• That Lounge Feeling with Splendid

    I dress for comfort 99.9% of the time. Even when I think I'm comfortable I quickly and secretly retreat to my closet right after work and put on a cozy lounge set. With temps creeping to the high 80s

    That Lounge Feeling with Splendid
  • Expanding the WYC Brand

    I'm sure you've seen it - I've been been wearing my brand front and center for a little while. I've always been a sucker for sweatshirts and those in a soft color palette and simplicitic logo are very

    Expanding the WYC Brand
  • Layered in Jenni Kayne

    Winter in Florida means slip dresses and sweaters all day long. I still can't believe I'm a #jennikaynepartner at times. I've idolized and admired the brand from afar, yet here I am.

    Layered in Jenni Kayne
  • This is 36

    Another year around the sun - even though the year, like for most, has been weird and even off kilter I still can't believe the year I've had. It's easy to pick apart and to remember all the bad, but

    This is 36

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All About Our Home Paint Colors

I get asked all the time about the paint colors we used, so I thought I would do a more detailed post on the three colors we used throughout our home. With the exception of the boys’ rooms where we added a little bit of Clare. EXTERIOR – BM Gray…

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5 Things

1 // Chasing Paper Peel & Stick Tiles Y’all saw Chris Loves Julia do it in their daughter’s bath and it wasn’t a super successful story, BUT Chasing Paper has been doing the adhesive game for awhile now and I love that they came out with these beautiful and vibrant…

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5 Things

1 // Every Mother Counts I saw @jenkay post about this and I’m so glad she shared this organization. A beautiful mission dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. With infertility awareness week behind us and Mother’s Day coming up coming up this could be a…

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