• Splendid Sweat Sets

    post is sponsored by Splendid but the thoughts/words are my own. I've been embracing this sleeker sweat style so much lately. With everyone spending more time at home, it's important to feel put

    Splendid Sweat Sets
  • Sweater Weather with Splendid

    Last fall/winter I got kinda hooked on cashmere. The cashmere sweater might be the greatest invention ever. I love how soft, light weight and cozy it is. Perfect with denim cut offs if the temps

    Sweater Weather with Splendid
  • At Home In Madewell

    this post is sponsored by Madewell but the thoughts are my own. Madewell was so kind to send me some highlights from their latest launch and I've been living in them. Even though we're technically

    At Home In Madewell
  • That Summer Jumper

    sponsored by Odell Shop Easy one and done outfits are my jam. If I'm not in jeans and t-shirt, probably because it's too hot for such things, then this jumpsuit is my alternative. The

    That Summer Jumper

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Simple 2020 Gift Guides

thoughtfully curated and a variety of price points. Hope this makes your holiday and other’s a bit easier and merrier. shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide: shop this gift guide:…

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The Top Gifts That I Ever Gave or Received

Over the years, I’ve learned more and more that it’s not the quantity in gifts but the quality of them. There is an element where you just want to tell people what you want and then take the surprise out of it. But let’s be real we all want to…

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What Is On My Holiday Decor Shopping List

I am so excited to deck our new halls this Christmas. I love the idea of getting some fresh decor to really transform our space this holiday season. I think we’re all looking forward the comfort and magic of the holidays! Especially those who have littles, going a little overboard…

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Palmer – 20 Months

If there is danger, he’ll go for it. If it’s a NO, to him it’s a yes. He’s the I don’t need to wait for you to turn around, I’m going to do it anyway kind of kid. He says things like “Go Away!” If something stinks, he immediately says…

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