• This Skirt Makes Me Happy

    And some days that's all it takes. Simple pleasures like a fun skirt, blue skies, or your favorite snack shouldn't go unappreciated right now. Also, air kisses. Send them.

    This Skirt Makes Me Happy

    this post is sponsored by Madewell but the thoughts and content are my own. As isolating as this whole thing can be the truth is - we're in this together. That WE all have a direct impact on how

  • Spring in my step with Madewell

    this post is sponsored by Madewell, but the thoughts and words are my own. I know, #stayhome. And we are... we really are. But sometimes getting dressed, grabbing an iced coffee to-go from your

    Spring in my step with Madewell
  • What I Packed to Mexico

    I typically think about what I want to pack a few days in advance. With Hudson not feeling well, I thought less about packing and more about him. I literally packed the night before and I wore

    What I Packed to Mexico

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Life Lately

holiday stuff, birthday stuff, friends and family – add a trip to New York in the mix – plus house updates – it’s a doozy but I wouldn’t change a thing….

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Christmas Countdown

GUYS, ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS! I mean, the year flew by in a private jet and I barely saw it coming. The end of the year is always so bittersweet because it’s utter chaos (the good kind) but I’m also in birthday planning mode because my BOYS are growing up…

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A Wrap Dress for All Seasons

the lovely folks at Odells just produced this limited edition wrap dress in two color ways and it’s so beautiful. Perfect the holiday season and beyond. It’s literally stunning and doesn’t need much. I really wanted it to be the star of this shoot but I know with a dressy…

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Weekend Wants

a constant mix of fashion and home. Christmas and move in date is ON. Plus, so many good finds at Madewell and McGee & CO #onsale….

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PJ’s ALL Day

Okay, maybe NOT really but I totally put this Wear Lively pj set on and dressed it up with loafers and hopped on a friend’s scooter and haphzardly made the funnest shoot Abby and I have ever done to date. It was like – scooting off in my pj’s to…

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Fun with Madewell

And just that like my collaboration dream came true. Thank you Madewell for sponsoring this post. It’s true that it doesn’t matter THAT much about your numbers, likes, engagement etc. I mean sure, it all kinda helps, but I think this is proof to all my fellow bloggers who struggle…

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