• My Go-To Summer Jenni Kayne Look

    sponsored by Jenni Kayne but the words are my own. It's true - I never go any trip without at least one item from Jenni Kayne. Whether it's a cashmere sweater, cable cardigan or a summer dress.

    My Go-To Summer Jenni Kayne Look
  • Beckoning Summer in Jenni Kayne

    this post is sponsored by Jenni Kayne but the words and opinions are my own. The unofficial start to summer is almost here and the humidity is right on par. With temps in the 90s and weekends on

    Beckoning Summer in Jenni Kayne
  • Embracing the Extra Daylight

    post work walks, driveway hangs and cooler temps at night. I don't mind the extra daylight. Wearing all Jenni Kayne - cardigan, vintage t and agolde jeans.

    Embracing the Extra Daylight
  • If You Were To Buy One Jenni Kayne Item This Is It

    the cashmere cocoon cardigan is hands down my favorite Jenni Kayne wardrobe item and I'll tell ya why: 1 / Versatile You can wear it a million different ways - over a t-shirt for everyday

    If You Were To Buy One Jenni Kayne Item This Is It

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Wells is Six Months

My dude is getting oh so big. He’s engaging more and more with just about everyone and developing the sweetest personality. I literally catch myself just staring in awe. I love this little guy so much. 28.3 inches / 20.1 lbs – the biggest of our babies at this age!…

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A Partial Review on Rhode Skincare

I think we would all love to have Hailey’s skin – tack on her style and maybe then maybe we can feel like we can run the world. She’s got an effortless cool girl vibe about her that is undeniable and with (3) simple and affordable skin care products with…

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Highlights from Monterey

we’ve been excited about this Unyi wedding ever since they got engaged! We knew little Wells would join us and that we’d extend the trip a little bit to accommodate for visiting a few of our favorite places and to make the travel across the country worth it. We got…

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Toast to Summer w/ Avaline

this post is sponsored by Avaline but the thoughts and comments are my own. SUMMER is unofficially here and the juggle with work, kids and copious amounts of sunshine time is about to commence. With the warm weather creeping in I’ve been wanting a cool wine to sip leisurely outside…

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