• Expanding the WYC Brand

    I'm sure you've seen it - I've been been wearing my brand front and center for a little while. I've always been a sucker for sweatshirts and those in a soft color palette and simplicitic logo are very

    Expanding the WYC Brand
  • Layered in Jenni Kayne

    Winter in Florida means slip dresses and sweaters all day long. I still can't believe I'm a #jennikaynepartner at times. I've idolized and admired the brand from afar, yet here I am.

    Layered in Jenni Kayne
  • This is 36

    Another year around the sun - even though the year, like for most, has been weird and even off kilter I still can't believe the year I've had. It's easy to pick apart and to remember all the bad, but

    This is 36
  • Splendid Sweat Sets

    post is sponsored by Splendid but the thoughts/words are my own. I've been embracing this sleeker sweat style so much lately. With everyone spending more time at home, it's important to feel put

    Splendid Sweat Sets

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Palmer James is TWO

Baby boy you’re two. This mama heart almost can’t take it. I remember feeling your contractions and counting them with anticipation. Not nervousness… granted being pregnant with you wasn’t easy, but I was so ready for your sweet arrival. As I look back on it, it was all such a…

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Weekend Wants

lots of new spring picks from decor to fashion. kinda sorta ready for warmer weather….

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5 Items to Style Simple Open Kitchen Shelving

after completing my first shoot/style of the year, I thought I would take a second to highlight the simplicity of styling and curating the perfect decor for kitchen open shelving. It might depend on the style of the home, vibe of the kitchen and of course where the shelving is…

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My Kind of Valentine Gift Ideas

Here are a few simple gift ideas that will make Valentine’s Day sweeter and every day there after it… A heart mug with tea or coffee A ring holder with a new birthstone stacker (my new favorite personal item!) A bud vase with florals hand trimmed from the yard Fancy…

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Palmer – 23 Months

I mean, he’s practically 2. He’s every bit of crazy and wild and rambunctiuos. When he’s happy he’s like REALLY happy. When he’s tired and cranky he’s REALLY cranky. He’s found new independence with being to get in and out of his crib quite successfully. He’s napped a few times…

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