My Fourth Trimester

So I didn’t really have a plan – I’m usually one to go with the flow, but I did assume that it would be similar to what it was like after Hudson was born… except it wasn’t the same at all.

With Hudson, the weight came off fast, nursing was literally a PAIN, but I learned so much in taking care of myself and the best way to feed, console and nourish Hudson that I figured I would use the same tactics with Palmer. However, Palmer, right out of the gate was just as hungry as Hudson was and was quite demanding from the milk front. I drank tea, bought multiple pumps and focused on getting my milk supply up. But with that came other challenges.

I had mastitis – twice. I overworked myself and my chest to help keep up and it back fired. It’s the worst feeling and both times I got it, I felt like the worst mom. Not capable of feeding, caring or even consoling him while I fought back chills, fevers, aches and pains. I was depending upon Nick and my sister to help me with Palmer while I tried to recover. No way could I have made it through without them.

Physical changes – with Hudson, I did have some stitches, but I felt like everything healed pretty quick down there. My chest was the hardest part since it was constantly in use. But this time around – everything took longer to heal. I was uncomfortable longer and I had hardest time adjusting.

When it came to the weight, I dropped over 20 lbs in two weeks. Now, 12 weeks postpartum I have around 8 or so lbs to lose. With Hudson though, I gained less (32 lbs vs. 36) but it came off fast. I’m feeling less stress about the weight now and more about getting back into shape. Toning up a bit, going to yoga and putting more work in.

Overall, the last three months have been all over the map… hard, rewarding, challenging, fun, exciting, exhausting… but with looking at Hudson, now 4 years old, I’m reminded about how fleeting all this is.

So grateful for this experience – to be able to do this crazy mom thing again for sweet Palmer. As I get ready to go back to work in a couple weeks, I know I’ll be ready. Short and flexible weeks make it easier to adjust and I’m ready to get back to doing big things that make me a better and more present mom.

Big Softy

this post is sponsored by Splendid but the words and opinions are of my own.

Just putting this out there – this is by far the softest sweater I own. It’s the comfiest knit with the coolest bell sleeves and I love how it looks with distressed denim.

photos abby cox

sweater c/o splendid | jeans | shoes c/o emu australia

Weekend Wants

a few things go to Every Mother Counts and Everytown for Gun Violence – both things as a mother that is quite important to me.


this post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion but the words and opinions are of my own.

I’ve worked with Amazon in the past – around NYFW – and loved the shopping experience. What’s better than finding your favorite styles, or unique items at great prices with PRIME shipping? Not much.

This time I was asked to style an outfit around something of my mother’s… so I picked this white ring belt from my mom and added some style classics and returning summer styles.

She taught me early on the classic feel of levi’s – she even made her own levi’s maxi skirt from an old pair that I still have today. So I snagged some levi’s cut-offs for summer and paired it with a Wonder Woman t-shirt (epitome of mother’s these days) along with a shell anklet and barrettes that are both all the rage AGAIN.

This look is just me – that boy mom with care-free style. I’ve already worn these shorts 3 days in a row and excited to wear the shell anklet and neon t-shirt in Boca Grande with a nice tan.

link to shop all my picks via my Amazon Influencer page.

My Newborn Must-Haves

A few fellow mamas and soon to be mamas has asked me to compile a list of must-haves. It’s true, after having one kid and going to two you consolidate a bit and just stick to the tried and true.

When it comes to newborns you honestly don’t need much – but here’s what we couldn’t live without:

1 // Pacifiers

We’ve tried a few different styles – at first he liked the Aventi rubber ones but now he’s liking the bibs. Either way, we couldn’t get through nap times or car rides without them.

2 // Dr. Brown Bottles

We loved them with Hudson and are reusing them with Palmer. They are great with reducing air in-take which helps with gas, hiccups and spit up. Highly recommend!

3 // Love to Dream Swaddle Up

These sleep sacks have made all the different. Palmer wasn’t a struggle fan – he constantly grunted and tried to get out of it. With these Love to Dream swaddle up sacks he can move just enough, self soothe with his arms up, stay warm in the sack and it’s easy for us to change his diaper. We have 4 of them 🙂

4 // Honest Diaper subscription

We didn’t have a baby shower for him – once we knew it was a boy we were going to roll with everything we had from Hudson since we kept just about everything. BUT we did this with Hudson and it was great – we never had to scramble for diapers, wipes, laundry detergent or bath soap. A nice packaged box will land on your doorstep with the everyday essentials. Just watch the deliveries and make sure they come when you need them. Plus, their cute designs make diaper changes a little more fun.

5 // Portable Sound Machine

We put this on the Mama Roo, stroller, car seat and even crib when we need some extra sound. It has a few different settings and easy to control plus it’s affordable under $20.

6 // 4Moms Mama Roo

This was a total splurge – Hudson was great at napping in his bassinet, no problem. Palmer though, needs movement – he loves to be rocked and bounced and to give our arms a break we pulled the trigger on the Mamroo on Amazon and had it delivered same day. Thanks, Prime! I think it’s worked really well and I’m glad we bought it. I think Palmer is, too.

When the jeans fit!

okay, so they are still a little tight, but they are on! The ones I splurged on around Christmastime – Mother Denim ankle jeans.

I’m excited to wear them on the regular for work and well, when I lose these last remaining pounds. For now, I’m not going to stress and reiterate that it’s progress over perfection. It’s not exactly what the scale says, it’s how I feel and how my clothes fit. Heck, it hasn’t been three months yet since Palmer was born.

photos: abby cox

mother denim | c/o kate spade ny shirt, sandals and bag

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