My Five 2021 Interior Trend Picks

I’m seeing so many trend predictions already – some I’m 100% on board with and some I think are still kinda missing the mark. With a client base of over 8 now (thank you, you lovely people you!) I’m getting a sense of what people are looking for… needless to say, a lot of it is still similar to the main stays like use of white and warmth, but how to take those elements up a notch?

Well, here’s what my prediction is:

1 // Old Meets New with Checkerboard Patterns

Take the traditional checkerboard style and make it special with a unique size or color palette. I’ve been itching to do one and I think it might happen in my Los Gatos project – loving the idea of using more durable and practical materials vs. expensive marble – like cement or ceramic. I also loved the carpet pick (checker board pattern) in a closet Studio McGee just transformed – gave such a classic update!

2 // More Warmth

Think wood tones, vintage pieces and dark rust touches in rugs, furniture or decor. Anthology Studio uses this color palette so well and they are getting a lot of love for it. It’s taking a neutral space and elevating it just enough to make it more current. Also, more wood touches in bathrooms might be a big thing, too. A few pieces in this realm:

3 // Unassuming Window Colors

White and black will always be popular BUT I think folks are thinking outside the box now – think a tonal grey (like my house) or a beautiful light blue. It immediately changes the elevation of a home and adds personality without breaking the bank.

4 // Wall Details Matter

If it’s not wallpaper then it’s a ROMAN CLAY texture paint. Portola Paints has an amazing collection to give walls some character and color in more of a significant way. But wallpaper is also here to stay – almost every project I’m working on right now will have some sort of wallpaper in it.

5 // Kitchen Features

Marble integrated sinks, or marble farmhouse apron sinks are such a dramatic statement. Also incorporating a more elaborate hood design – with tile, texture and movement. Mark my words – the 2021 hood will stand out vs. blend in. And think color – from putty to jewel tones – kitchens will be stepping up their color game in conjunction with more use of natural materials like stone and slate.


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