First Trimester

I must say this trimester came and went. Luckily for us we found out early and even though it’s extremely tough to keep it a secret until you’re absolutely ready (that’s quite possibly an understatement), it was great to know early so I could start making the necessary changes to keep me and this little one healthy. I’m on my 15th week now and feeling great!

I apparently fit in the 25% of women who don’t experience any form of morning sickness. I still count my lucky stars that the first 13 weeks were relatively normal.

I’ve read a couple posts from fellow bloggers like Mrs. Quirk and Sydney, that break down their symptoms and how to handle them, so I thought I’d share some details of my first trimester with you guys (especially since it has been secret!) below:

1. Bloating 
This was by far the change in my body that I felt the most. My digestive system was all out of whack. It was doing it’s job in digesting slowly and taking in as many nutrients as possible but I did lose the consistency I was used to. Sometimes it was really uncomfortable and you feel really large and no, it’s not the baby (yet!) it’s everything else. Which can be a little disheartening. In the end I drank a ton of water and I mentally just accepted this change. Once you do that, it doesn’t bother you as much. Also, don’t force it. Plain and simple.

2. Lack of energy
Before we even found out, I noticed that I was falling asleep more during the day. Every time we got in the car (Nick’s driving, of course) I would get so tired and pass out. I wouldn’t make it past 10pm most nights and naps on the weekends were kinda just mandatory. I still get tired randomly throughout the day, but if I’m in a situation where I can embrace it, I do. I actually love sleep, so this symptom I’ll take willingly.

3. Headaches 
Nick and I are pretty big coffee drinkers. And well, that quickly changed for me. I basically weaned myself off with a cup in the morning, to a half of a cup, to now nothing at all. But I did contribute some of my headaches to lack of caffeine. I still get them from time to time, so I drink plenty of water, wear my sunglasses (even if it’s cloudy) and rest if I can to get rid of them. I’ve heard you can take Tylenol for things like this, but if I can get it to go away naturally, I’d prefer it.

4. Tenderness 
They say you feel it up top first. It actually took a couple weeks for me, but I notice it now. It’s not everyday and it’s not extremely painful, but I notice things don’t fit just quite right. Some parts are a little sensitive to the touch, but again mentally these changes make total sense to me, so I’m rolling with it just fine. I’m definitely wearing more bras with wire support and padding. Sorry cute little lacy things that don’t do anything but look nice. I’m starting to think I need to shop for additional options.
Any suggestions?

5. Sense of Smell
I think this is on the level of super human powers. I can smell anything and everything. From gardenias being blocks away to smelling rain that hasn’t even happened yet. I was quick to tell Nick what I was smelling and when and most of the time he couldn’t join with me on the scent. I do believe it’s a super power and actually, it’s kinda cool. I did experience some stuffy nose action, which I guess is caused by hormones and that got annoying. But some days/mornings are worse than others. 
Do you guys have any other remedies for some of these? How’d you get through it? 
6. Cravings 
For those of you who know me, I have a thing for sugar. Like I loveeee sweets. But during the first part of this pregnancy, I was really craving savory. First it was brussels sprouts, now it’s beef and steak and weirdly enough sour cream and onion baked chips. I’m loving bites of cheddar cheese with fruit and I still love Noosa in the morning or cereal. I drink orange juice by the tall glass and drink lemonade when I’m out to eat, since I drink so much water at home and at work. My sister had a great idea of infusing water at home to keep it interesting, so I’ll give that a try.
I haven’t felt the need to sip some beer or wine, even coffee for that matter, but I do want a deli sandwich from time to time but absolutely resist. I’ll cave for a green tea from Panera but overall I’m aware of what to avoid and I watch it all in moderation.

Honestly, I’m ready and really excited about my second trimester. I’m eager to see this belly expand and to feel this little one. I’m also looking forward to getting some energy back – more long walks with the pups and maybe movies on the couch past 11pm.

Big things.


  1. You are so cute and analytical …just like you…you will be a wonderful mother <3 It's awesome to see how you embrace the change's you are experiencing...Soooo happy for you both..and for the blessing you are to our Family..Can't wait to be Grand Parents and to hold your little one..just like the first time I held you...stay's with you forever..I remember as iof it was yesterday...You changed my world...and I thank God daily...I love you..Dad

  2. Like mother like daughter ? My pregnancy with you was a breeze & so was the entire childbirth experience ! Embrace every moment and memory of this wonderful chapter in your life. We are so happy for you and Nick & daddy and I can't wait to be grandparents. Remember we always told you and Erin that we never really knew what love was until we had both of you… You'll See ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ mom

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