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Life Lately – Bahamas!

We did it! We went to the Bahamas for a friend’s wedding.

We got Hudson’s passport in time and we snagged a wedding rate at the Atlantis before they were gone. It’s a crazy (expensive) place but being there with my guys made it oh so fun.

He loves being on an airplane, he loves the hotel life and he loves days of decisions being beach or pool? (regardless of the weather.) He was a gentlemen and was a hit at our reception table. Live for weekends like these with my best guys.

Cozy in Green with Daily Ritual

I’m a sweater hoarder. There I said it.

I literally get cold alll the time. I love being comfy and a sweater is the first thing I turn to. I hang them up in my closet front and center because I practically wear one everyday. This gorgeous green sweater from Daily Ritual caught my eye. I love the fit and the big turtle neck. It’s light weight which is great (perfect for adding layers underneath if I need to) but here it is the main focus. It takes the chill away from the AC and I feel pretty and put together.

Sweater love, indeed.

Side note it’s from Amazon Fashion and under $30 bucks! Woo!



Daily Rituals sweater c/o Amazon | jeans c/o DSTLD | Everlane slides | watch c/o Fossil

photos: sydney norberg

5 Things

1 // The Anklet 

I used to wear them wayyyy back when. Kinda diggin’ the return of the dainty gold chain. Any one else? Shop them here.

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2 // Swings in the living room

Anyone else think this is the coolest idea? I’m pretty sure I would step up my “cool mom” factor. Also, that framed chalk board is also a classic touch.

3 // Girl Crush

She’s a local and I forgot to share her account last Friday, so I’m doing it now. I admire her vibe and authenticity. Go follow @annanunez pronto!

4 // The Prettiest Woven Tote

Plus the embroidery is a nice touch. Loeffler Randall just never disappoints and they’re having a sale right now – you’re welcome.

5 // Preach

Taylor Sterling has been opening up more about how she tries to find a balance with her work and her personal life. I’ve been following her journey well before Glitter Guide and I’m constantly inspired by her and how/what she accomplishes. She’s honest, open and I think she’s a gem. Life can’t be forced or planned – it just IS.

Weekend Wants

gimme all the suits, tans, glows and peaches! #vacationmode

Sippin Summer with Perrier Peach

This post is sponsored by Perrier® Carbonated Mineral Water but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Perrier New Peach Flavor

It’s no secret I love a good carbonated mineral water. I remember when Nick and I were dating – he’d love the large stash of slim Perrier cans in my refrigerator. He’d always sneak one. I would bring a few with me every time I picked him up from the airport as like a “Welcome home, babe! I’m sure you’re thirsty!” type of thing.

Fast forward 6+ years and we still have a corner of our (now joint) refrigerator dedicated to sparkling water. We drink a ton of water period – so it’s nice to break up the bland with a punch of simple but bubbly flavor.

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

Last year I raved about Perrier Watermelon (not Nick’s favorite fruit) but this Summer we’ll be sippin’ their new peach flavor.

Water is like a very serious thing though. Like I never leave the house without the obvious – keys and wallet – but sunglasses and a water are also part of that list. I just have to have one to start my day.

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

I also love the feel of the small can – in Florida things get hot quick so it’s nice to take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the simple moments in life – like a cold carbonated mineral water and the summer breeze.

If you’re a big carbonated mineral water fan like I am – CHEERS – Perrier is giving folks a chance to win a year supply of flavors!

Heyooo, now that would be a good lookin’ fridge. 


sponsored by Travel Mindset and Panama City Beach CVB. 

I’m still not exactly sure how I got my lucky name tossed into the hat, but my little family was invited to join 7 other amazing families for a sweet little weekend getaway to Panama City Beach. It was an Instagram meet-up, where families and fellow mama bloggers came together to hang out at a pretty rad location. Check out #instameetpcb 🙂

First of all, the folks at Travel Mindset who helped put this whole thing on did an ah-mazing job. Not only did they wrangle families, but they planned super cool activities around nap times and travel days and really highlighted the main things Panama City Beach has to offer – family friendly moments.

We checked into the Holiday Inn Resort Beachfront and was immediately greeted with an amazing welcome bag with snacks, beach toys, a stuffed dolphin and a bottle of wine (among other things.) We were able to go to our room around 4pm and then went straight to our group happy hour. There we were able to meet the fellow families @vagabond3 @happygreylucky @nashvillewifestyles @mother.soul @theamericanfieldtrip @this.little.wandering and @laurenswells before we all jumped on Island Time catamaran for a sunset dolphin cruise. With a bar on-board, friendly staff and good tunes the cruise was an absolute delight. We had a ton of dolphin sightings which Hudson and the kids got all jazzed about! Loved the experience SO much and would recommend for any family!

The next day we were able to do our own thing for breakfast so we went to Andy’s Flour Power and got some waffles and french toast before we met the group for a pontoon boat ride over to Shell Island. Since we drove up from Winter Park (a 6 hr drive at our own pace) we were able to bring his own life jacket, our own towels and blankets so we felt really prepared for the trip. The folks at Travel Mindset though bought a bunch of towels, floats and additional beach toys for all of us to use. They even brought Publix subs for lunch!

Hudson LOVED the beach. The water was calm, clear and warm. We were able to see fish, hermit crabs and other wild life. Shell Island is a beautiful escape from the traditional “beach front” where you get to experience a natural piece of un-touched land. It was truly relaxing (even though we had 14 kids running around) and we all able to soak up some much needed vitamin D!

After we got back from Shell Island we all tried to push the whole nap thing – we were a bit tired and wanted to get our second wind before our last night at Panama City Beach. We were originally going to go to Pier Park for dinner/s’mores but we ended up further down the beach (away from all the crowds) to have our own catered taco night on the beach. We had chairs, hammocks, food and drinks, games and a bon fire ready for us.

We ate, laughed, got wet and sandy and truly enjoyed everyone’s company. I felt like we met some really amazing like-minded people with really cool kids that we would hang out with all the time if we could.

It was also really refreshing to spend that much time outside but still in an intimate setting – at one point I thought the entire beach was to our selves and I really just wanted to soak it all in. Kid laughter and sea salt air included.

Our last morning was spent at the iconic Thomas Donut & Snack Shop. The place lives up to the reputation with a crazy line and super tasty donuts. We ordered a bunch of donuts, drank some coffee and OJ and got to know @vagabond3 and her family more. It was a great way to end the trip – mostly because I have a weakness for donuts, but because I felt super appreciative to be involved in such a unique travel experience with some new friends that I hope I always stay in contact with.

It was a trip where Nick and I sat back a couple times and just watched Hudson interact with the other kids and saw how genuinely happy he was to be on a beach – we were reminded just how lucky we are.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation and Panama City Beach is on your list – I’d recommend it for sure. But I’d also remind you that it’s more than just a beach…

it’s what you make of it right?

Call that sunset cruise. Set up a pontoon ride to a remote island. Make the experience yours at #realfunbeach

5 Things

1 // NEW Kate Spade New York

Truth is they spoil me rotten and I’m a pig in slop every time they send a box. What I’m loving that’s new and totally worth the splurge:


2 // @hudsonwilder

For one, I love the name. Now I wish Hudson’s middle name was Wilder. Would Nick notice if I changed it? Regardless, looks like an uber cool spot in NYC (of course) and I dig what they share on Instagram – their classic cars and captions are spot on.

3 // The American Field Trip

Met these cuties over the weekend during the #instameetpcb and seriously they are family goals. I envy their willingness to just go and drive and learn and explore as a rad party of 4. Also, Margie loves chips. She’s my girl.

4 // This GATHER Mat

Might need to snatch one up for Hudson – his Ikea rug works and all, but I like cute functional things, too. Plus, I’m digging their vegan yoga mat concept. Photo by Anna.

5 // My Ring Just Cooler 

So I loved the idea of the emerald cut in a horizontal setting – Nick obviously got the hint since he executed it so well and then I see this one! To the next level. Maybe it’s just in the air with the Royal wedding and all (her reception dress BTW was perfection!) but I can totally appreciate the craftsmanship and the lucky lady that’s gonna literally ROCK it. photo credit.

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