5 Things

1 // NEW Kate Spade New York

Truth is they spoil me rotten and I’m a pig in slop every time they send a box. What I’m loving that’s new and totally worth the splurge:


2 // @hudsonwilder

For one, I love the name. Now I wish Hudson’s middle name was Wilder. Would Nick notice if I changed it? Regardless, looks like an uber cool spot in NYC (of course) and I dig what they share on Instagram – their classic cars and captions are spot on.

3 // The American Field Trip

Met these cuties over the weekend during the #instameetpcb and seriously they are family goals. I envy their willingness to just go and drive and learn and explore as a rad party of 4. Also, Margie loves chips. She’s my girl.

4 // This GATHER Mat

Might need to snatch one up for Hudson – his Ikea rug works and all, but I like cute functional things, too. Plus, I’m digging their vegan yoga mat concept. Photo by Anna.

5 // My Ring Just Cooler 

So I loved the idea of the emerald cut in a horizontal setting – Nick obviously got the hint since he executed it so well and then I see this one! To the next level. Maybe it’s just in the air with the Royal wedding and all (her reception dress BTW was perfection!) but I can totally appreciate the craftsmanship and the lucky lady that’s gonna literally ROCK it. photo credit.

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