Sippin Summer with Perrier Peach

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Perrier New Peach Flavor

It’s no secret I love a good carbonated mineral water. I remember when Nick and I were dating – he’d love the large stash of slim Perrier cans in my refrigerator. He’d always sneak one. I would bring a few with me every time I picked him up from the airport as like a “Welcome home, babe! I’m sure you’re thirsty!” type of thing.

Fast forward 6+ years and we still have a corner of our (now joint) refrigerator dedicated to sparkling water. We drink a ton of water period – so it’s nice to break up the bland with a punch of simple but bubbly flavor.

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

Last year I raved about Perrier Watermelon (not Nick’s favorite fruit) but this Summer we’ll be sippin’ their new peach flavor.

Water is like a very serious thing though. Like I never leave the house without the obvious – keys and wallet – but sunglasses and a water are also part of that list. I just have to have one to start my day.

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

Perrier New Peach Flavor for Summer

I also love the feel of the small can – in Florida things get hot quick so it’s nice to take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the simple moments in life – like a cold carbonated mineral water and the summer breeze.

If you’re a big carbonated mineral water fan like I am – CHEERS – Perrier is giving folks a chance to win a year supply of flavors!

Heyooo, now that would be a good lookin’ fridge. 

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