Watermelon NEW to #PerrierFlavors

That’s right – Perrier has released new flavors and WATERMELON is one of them.

And I am STOKED about it.

Watermelon is seriously the fruit of the summer and I’ll consume it any way I can. Being a sparkling water family (Nick and I drink it everyday) this is a perfect addition to our fridge.

Also, with these crazy temps as of late – these are ideal poolside. Slim cans make it easy, you don’t have to worry about glass and you drink them fast! Winnnn.


To make it fun, I added frozen watermelon bites to keep the drink cold and to add even more watermelon flavor. Even though Hudson doesn’t drink the “bubbly water” just yet (someday, kid!), he does love watermelon and will eat every. single. piece. in sight. All he kept saying as we were hanging outside was, “WATERMELON PARTYYY!” Heck ya, I love me a watermelon party.

What’s your favorite Perrier Flavor!? Or the one you’re dying to try?! You can order them with the quickness on Amazon (as if you didn’t know that already!) which is what we did and I’m not gonna lie, it was great. One less thing to think about.


Cheers to SUMMER!

I’m also excited to use this opportunity with Perrier to show more love for my city – more of that coming soon.
#orlandostrong #perrierflavors



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