5 Things

1 // Blogher 2017

I was asked to attend the Blogher conference this year from the folks at She Knows Media. I was super honored they wanted to include me so I spent last Friday and Saturday at their conference. Let me just say it was a well put together event and super informative for all things ladies in/out of the tech space. My “I gotta share” notes coming soon!

photography Laure Joliet

2 // The Butcher’s Daughter Style

I freakin’ die over her restaurant styles (we ate at The Butcher’s Daughter in NYC last December and it was amazing), but it’s awesome to see this #girlboss tackle her restaurants but also design a home very similar AND start an interior firm. I think her style is super refreshing, bright with greenery and I love everything this woman touches.

3 // Sezane x Holiday

I heard of Sezane through Madewell (surprise!) when they do their collabs. Anyway, it’s a French company with some serious coastal vibes that I’m swooning over. Their Holiday collection is almost completely sold out and I can see why. This denim jacket is everything.

4 // WATERMELON Perrier 

My favorite fruit in my favorite Perrier sparkling can.

Heyyy, Summer!

I’ve been sippin’ these cans since before Hudson was born and I’m so pumped they came out with two new flavors (watermelon and strawberry). Water can be so boring but these zero calorie, zero sugar & zero sweeteners sparkling waters are hands down a summer staple and will be with me all summer long. More with Perrier on the blog tomorrow. #ad

5 // Revitalift via Influenster

So I gave the #revitaliftchallenge a fair shot – every morning and night for two weeks. I figured why not!? I’ve got some imperfections for sure. I think there might be a small change to my forehead – a bit smoother and not so visibly wrinkly, but some color (subtle tan) always helps my complexion, too. Overall, it wasn’t crazy impressive so I would rather find a cruelty free brand and give it a shot instead.


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