5 Things

1 // The Anklet 

I used to wear them wayyyy back when. Kinda diggin’ the return of the dainty gold chain. Any one else? Shop them here.

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2 // Swings in the living room

Anyone else think this is the coolest idea? I’m pretty sure I would step up my “cool mom” factor. Also, that framed chalk board is also a classic touch.

3 // Girl Crush

She’s a local and I forgot to share her account last Friday, so I’m doing it now. I admire her vibe and authenticity. Go follow @annanunez pronto!

4 // The Prettiest Woven Tote

Plus the embroidery is a nice touch. Loeffler Randall just never disappoints and they’re having a sale right now – you’re welcome.

5 // Preach

Taylor Sterling has been opening up more about how she tries to find a balance with her work and her personal life. I’ve been following her journey well before Glitter Guide and I’m constantly inspired by her and how/what she accomplishes. She’s honest, open and I think she’s a gem. Life can’t be forced or planned – it just IS.

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