5 Things

1 // Pumpkin Spice Ombre Kit

With the lack of salon visits, I’m doing my nails more at home. Love Olive & June and their manicure kit and now this super sweet Pumpkin Spice color set – perfect for fall!

2 // FRAME multi-size jeans

With a fluctuating belly and a low desire to stock pile maternity pants/jeans before our baby comes, I love this concept. And let’s be real – we could all use some flexibility in the jean department some days.

3 // WHPA

I don’t get too political but I am passionate about this cause – this bill – this movement. As women, it’s critical that we have the right to DECIDE, to have ACCESS to all necessary healthcare and to NOT let someone else tell us how we can live our lives. Period. Take two seconds to click this link and to read more about the act and send a note to your local congress person.

4 // Halloween Decor Trend

Yeah, we all love the bats… but these butterflies are SO good. Snagged a few on Amazon and hope to get creative in the next week or two and will show you in our halloween decor reveal.

5 // MINI Mate

As a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for myself for years, they finally came out with a MINI version and now I’m even more tempted. Love the concept, the simple and organic colors and a quality that I know I can pass down from the oldest boy to the weee youngest.

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