Introducing Autumn Leaves

I can’t take FULL credit here because my husband actually said – “are you going to make a fall candle this year?” and immediately I was like um, YES! It’s my favorite candle season and I have such an affinity for the novelty of all things fall, that really I couldn’t pass it up.

Deciding on this scent was easy and only took a single session to get it just right.

I tried to deviate from the typical fall notes like pumpkin and nutmeg, but I knew I wanted a lovely spice aroma to it.

Autumn Leaves is a mix of just that autumn leaves, chai spice and clove. It’s by far the best candle I’ve made and in total fairness if no one buys this thing it’s okay – I will gladly burn them all 🙂

But it is that good and now available to purchase via

Happy FALL y’all!



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