Immensely Grateful

almost a whole year in our dream house and with my home boys. It wasn’t the year we planned, but having Nick home more and spending more intentional time at home has been really good for my soul. 2020 has put life in perspective in many many ways and even though a lot of it has been hard and challenging and unpredictable… one thing is certain, I have everything I need and then some.

I hope to really disconnect this week – from clients, work, social media and break out an old fashion camera and totally devour up my kids and family. I have no idea how many Thanksgivings we have left as a family and I’m going to cherish every second of it.

Attention is the rarest and purist form of generosity. – Weil

Let us take a moment to give attention to what means most.

Wishing you and yours a plentiful, healthy and homey Thanksgiving.


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