Our Master Closet Reveal And How Wayfair Completed the Look

One of many rooms in our home that gives me JOY is the master closet. Surpised?! Nah. It was also one area of our house that I didn’t want to skimp or compromise on. It’s no secret I appreciate style and fashion, but there’s just something about a beautiful, well thought out and organized closet.

As much as the closet system itself is just LOVELY, I did partner with Wayfair to complete the space that gives me so much joy. It didn’t take much to make it comfortable and cozy, but let me explain everything that went into it first.

I drafted and sketched my own closet design and with some inspiration images (I love Jacey’s closet) I handed it over to Seacoast Closets (now Clark Design Group) and they made it come to life. We did 24″ depth cabinetry, which was important to me to have the clothes completed covered. That also meant our drawers were longer which was also a win! It was also important to me to add custom lighting – because we added the track lighting we wouldn’t be able to adjust the hanging sections so we did suspended rods which I think really elevate the look and added the front framing elements to hide the track lighting. We each have our own shelving stack for shoes and such, valet hooks which typically display my favorite clothes and his sweaty gym clothes and then we share a joint hamper which works out great. The lighted cubbies showcase some of my favorite handbags and are an easy place to swap out items or even additional storage if need be.

Since it’s literally the only room in the house without a window, I wanted to make sure it felt bright – so we did white cabinetry, recessed can lights, the in-closet track lighting and then a beautiful brass drum fixture. Wayfair has some great brass lighting options like this one and this one!

To finish the space up, Wayfair was kind to share a budget with me so I could put the finishing touches on the space. Since we opted to NOT do a closet island, I knew we would add some sort of seating in here.

I found this bench on Wayfair and loved the natural look of it. It has reclaimed pine wood legs and a neutral upholstered top. The size was perfect and it’s just over $200. We also added a patterned rug (like this one or this one) which warms the space and gives the bench a nice prime spot in the center.

I also snagged a durable, tall wicker basket for the miscellaneous shoes and things that don’t need a home on a shelf – think flip flops, moccasins and old tennies that I don’t want to part with but need a designated spot.

And for any closet upgrade – these wood hangers are so nice! They are better on your clothes but also make it super clean which I love. Grab an affordable set from Wayfair!


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