5 Things

Lots of amazing things to share today – feeling really inspired and grateful for the social love.

1 // Colin King on More Than One Thing

I know folks are talking about Jeremiah and Nate on More Than One Thing with Athena – which is really good BUT keep listening and tune into the Colin King episode, too. I loved this series last week while I was working on design projects and their stories.

A key takeaway ” Don’t strive for perfection. Strive for completion.”

2 // Jenna Peffley

I could stare and scroll through her site all day long. Visually her photography just speaks to me – it’s crisp, bright and focal. Her work is amazing and one that I’ve been lately super inspired by.

3 // A Creamy Warm DREAM Kitchen – Becki Owens

Yep, she SAID THAT! I’m still reeling and still a little miffed at Instagram at the same time – since I couldn’t keep up with the likes, comments and questions. The outpouring support of our kitchen design is surreal and I’m so grateful. See Becki’s blog post here and IG post here.

4 // Santa Cruz Prints

This Santa Cruz based photographer killing it and selling some amazing photographs of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk through Pottery Barn! Gonna buy a Palm print and put it in P’s room. He’s named after a street in Aptos (a hop and skip from Santa Cruz) and compliments his name so much.

5 // Remember

Keep dreaming. Keep pushing. Keep expanding. Keep pursuing what sets your heart on fire.

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