How We’re Making Meal Time More Fun At Home

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It’s been months since we’ve actually gone to a restaurant to eat. I honestly can’t remember the last place we dined at. We used to eat out Friday through Sunday – we’d have our local favorites and of course Kelly’s for ice cream afterward.

No we’ll order in a 1-2 nights a week but for the most part we’ve been cooking a ton at home. It’s been refreshing to spend the time together in the kitchen cooking up new meals. I don’t miss the hassle of packing a diaper bag, remembering all the things and considering the time it takes to get to and from a restaurant.

The kids, however, I’m sure have been wanting a new change of scenery so I thought about a couple things we could do to make meal time more fun…

1 / Change where we eat

We always sit at the dining room table for lunch and dinner. It’s been easier that way since Palmer is typically in his high chair. They have a sight line of the TV and we have ample space, but with this new table top adjustable chair Palmer can sit at the island with all of us as we cook and hang out. It’s been fun to see them eating at the same level – I can only imagine what their future dinner conversations are going to be like.

2 / Switch up what they eat with

Pottery Barn Kids has the cutest selection of table top items – with Hudson’s new love for all things Toy Story we got him the Toy Story set (complete with plate, bowl and big kid cup!) and then Palmer got a super cute lion set (plate & bowl, placemat and bib!) It makes serving up the same lunch items exciting and new.

3 / Let them pick

We’ve been asking what they like eating lately and add it to Nick’s weekend shopping list. They typically pick what they each want for lunch – we’re luckily that the answer isn’t just “cereal” or “fruit snacks” – usually they want pb&j sandwiches with some sort of cracker and fruit. And if they choose to stay in their Toy Story pajamas til lunch, I decided to give up on that fight too. After all it is SUMMER.

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