Palmer – 11 Months

His last month before the big ONE!

  • He has the best salute/wave – he puts his little hand in the air every time he sees someone.
  • On a mission to get anywhere he shouldn’t – fireplace, TV console, bath tub and playroom stairs
  • Fascinated with opening and closing doors
  • Everything goes in his mouth – 7 teeth and counting…
  • Big into balls, balloons and books
  • Current snack favorite are veggie straws and shredded cheese!
  • Pulls up on anything and everything
  • Signs “more” and “all done.”
  • Will share his food with you if you ask
  • Has the best belly laugh – tickle spots include his neck, under his arms and his thighs
  • If you ask him “is that funny?” he’ll do a fake laugh
  • Loves rough housing with his brother
  • Can hold his bottle but doesn’t prefer to
  • Has the bluest eyes and longest lashes and I just stare at him
  • Doesn’t get much stranger danger
  • Takes two naps a day and sleeps through the night now like a total champ
  • Big fan of ELMO, not a fan of being told “no.”

Palmer James,

You have my heart sweet boy. You’re growing up quick and you look so much bigger than you actually are. I’m cherishing every moment with you – breathing you in, smothering you in kisses, and holding you as much as I can. Currently in the midst of planning your first birthday and I can’t believe you. It’s been a wild, fun and incredible 11 months with you, P. Thank you for adding more love to my life than I ever thought was possible

Happy 11 months my little love.

Love you forever,


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