My (not so little) monkey is FIVE!

I mean he’s every bit of five… loves pre-k, becoming quite the gamer, has a weakness for Chipotle, kid’s got a falsetto, legit ambidextrous tendencies (writes left, but throws right) and can ride a bike better than I can.

He has new freckles around his nose and hairy skinny legs and I just marvel at him – he’s growing up before my eyes and turning into this big kid that I just want to hang out with. He’s hysterical and independent and truly a perfect mix of Nick and I. I love our conversations and as of late more relatable moments where we truly share experiences. I can see it in his face and I just want to press pause. He says things like “Mom, you’re the best mom a kid could ask for.” And sometimes I’ll get the “I love you.” out of the blue for no reason at all.


Happy birthday my boy! You changed our world 5 whole years ago. You strapped us into this wild ride and we couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a such an amazing way to kick off a New Year.

You are SO special. I can’t get over how smart, funny and talented you are. I’m amazed by you every single day and I’m so proud I get to be your mom. Thank you for loving us and for taking on the big brother role like such a champ.

You do more for us kid, than you will ever know. Dream big sweet boy and I hope all your wishes come true. But let’s not rush this loosing a tooth thing.

I love you times 100 long.

Your mama.


  1. For certain || now you know how life altering, with all emotion in play…to love so you know how I felt and still do..never goes awa

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