Gernert, party of four.

And just like that we went to a party of three to a party of four. Well, not just like that since this time around actually took years and this pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, but here we are. I swear I blinked and missed March.

Now that Palmer is here though Nick and I have been reflecting a lot about how/what it was like when we brought Hudson home for the first time. I found this old blog post about how parenting is totally a TEAM EFFORT because it is. Now that we have two, we need to divide and conquer. As we’re still finding our rhythm – Palmer is still a little unpredictable and fussy at night – I’m reminded how I just couldn’t do this alone and how I truly married the love of my life. Nick is my rock and he’s given me my world.

We’re officially 6 weeks postpartum and I’m just now starting to feel like myself again. Healing this time around took awhile and it’s been a longer process. I’m looking forward to getting back into yoga and being more active with my loves. Everyone talks about the “fourth trimester” and how difficult it can be on mama and baby – I think setting the right expectation is key and just taking care of yourself is important.

photos: abby cox


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