New Juice Obsession by Natalie’s OJ

No secret I’m a juice drinker. Heck, all I wanted to drink when I was pregnant with Palmer was smoothies. There’s just something so great about drinking so many GOOD things – convenient, tasty and healthy.

Well, Natalie’s has stepped it up a notch. Their NEW cold-pressed holistic juices are now available at your local Publix!

Being busy and stuck around the house during the week taking care of a needy (loves to be held and eats a ton 5 week old) turning to juices like these by Natalie’s throughout the day is a great (easy!) boost to get the nutrients I need in a quick and painless way.

Click here for a $1.00 coupon to use at your favorite Publix.

thank you Natalie’s for gifting the new juices! the words and opinions of this post are of my own.


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