Palmer – One Month

A little late on Palmer’s one month post – I actually went back and looked at Hudson’s one month post and I think I’ll be a little more elaborate than that but since I did a post every month for Hudson until he turned two, I need to keep the digital journaling going for Palmer, too.

So far Palmer is very different from Hudson – here are just a handful of things:

  1. NEEDS to be moving or rocked
  2. Not a fan of swaddles, but likes a sleep slack
  3. Eats more and doesn’t like it when we supplement with formula
  4. A bit on the gasier side
  5. ALWAYS gets hiccups
  6. Loves his car seat and car rides

He’s also super blonde and blue eyed, so we’ll see if that lasts! He’s been smiling and cooing a lot more which is fun to see. Can’t wait for his personality to start showing!

Hudson has been a big help with “his baby.” From grabbing things for us, singing to Palmer when he gets upset to giving him his pacifier, I’ve been super impressed. These boys have my heart.


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