Team Effort

Nick has always been the love of my life. 
My other half. 
My entire world. 
My teammate. 

It’s been just about 3 months since Hudson joined our lives and I must say not much has changed. 

I do believe our love for each other has grown immensely and we have this new found respect for one another. It’s actually pretty amazing the impact it had on us. 

As parents we’re a team. He and I are in this together and we have learned to adapt just fine. 

It’s apparent newborns aren’t that exciting for new dads but it’s still important that they get their time with them. Which also means mom gets a break 🙂

For balance, sanity and love we know what helps the other one out. 

Nick owns bedtime. He’ll get him in his pajamas, swaddled, fed and put down. Typically this is around 10pm every night. During this time I’ll get our bedroom ready, his bedroom ready and pump my little heart out. 

Since Hudson has been sleeping 8-9 hrs a night now, the timing lets Nick spend time with him before he gets ready for work. Nick typically changes him and feeds him in the morning while (again) I pump. Soon after I take our little man for the rest of day and Nick makes me breakfast every morning with homemade granola. So grateful.  Momma needs to eat!

Depending on when Hudson naps, if it’s around lunch time, I’ll make Nick and I some lunch. If we have time and Hudson is in a good mood we take a midday stroll around the neighborhood and talk about our day. It’s super nice to get some fresh air. 

Around 3:30 or so Nick usually goes to Crossfit which I know is important to him. He gets that hour and a half for himself. 

Nick prepares dinner most nights. I’m usually still tending to our little hungry man but if he’s sleeping or hanging out we’ll put Hudson (in his boppy) on the kitchen counter and we all cook together.  

On bath nights we both do our part. He gets him ready for bath time while I get all the bath items ready. I bathe him while Nick controls the water. It’s a two man job right now but it’s fun especially since Hudson loves it. 

The weekends are fun – I get an hour of yoga every Saturday while Nick watches Hudson and cleans house. When I get home I help him finish chores and get ready for the day. 

The rest of the weekend we conquer together – go out to lunch, see family and grocery shop. Having bottled breastmilk has made this so much easier! 

Even though our lives have changed, we have this routine going now and it feels good. 

I know this is going to change when I go back to work next month, but we’ll adapt like we always do. We’ll figure out what’s best for us and stick to it. 

Nick, I can’t thank you enough for absolutely everything you do. I love you with all of me. 

Side note: 
I’m looking forward to spending time with my Rifle family again and to see Anna prep for her little baby boy. We’ve got a thing for baby boys in our office. 
I know it’s going to be hard, but he’ll be close by and I can come see my little man at lunch. Sigh of relief! 


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