Lucky Stars

As much as I’d like to say life is all rainbows and butterflies, the truth is it isn’t all the time. The pictures and moments I share might seem like it though and I realize that can get old. Maybe even fake.

Truth is, we’re all not perfect. We all want to see and read beautiful things because we look for inspiration, reasons to smile, things to motivate us. The start of this year hasn’t been at all what I thought and I need to just stop – put on my big girl pants and breathe.

The lovely folks at My Domaine included me in their article about “Mom Goals for 2018.”  As I typed out my thoughts, my “practical” goals, I was able to reflect. My goal is to be grateful and present and KIND to myself. Plus, the time I take away to be with Nick is so healthy and a great refresh.

Everyday, no matter how I feel, I need to count my lucky stars.

photos: abby cox 

F21 top | Levi’s from Shopbop | Nisolo shoes | Club Monaco hat | Madewell clutch 


  1. There is always much to be grateful for! I am certain the good will always outweigh the bad. At least if we start each day with a good attitude that’s a great start after all success is more attitude than aptitude.

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