5 Things

1 // Drunk Elephant

I’m super tempted! Anyone else use their stuff? What are your cult favorites? What’s a must have? Their design is so sleek and I love the message behind it, but is it worth the price?


2 // Frame Bridge + Classic Kid Books 

I love this collab so much! A brilliant way to bring your kid’s favorite books to life but also help out with clean, not overly done nursery art. Hudson is a big fan of “Dragons Love Tacos” the art is pretty stellar.


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 3 // Where to take the kids in 2018

As much as it is exhausting, traveling with my little family fuels my soul. Our adventures make memories that I will forever hold dear. Thanks for Kid & Coe for making travel with kiddos a bit easier.

4 // New Loeffler Randall

I have their boots which I wear religiously – they are made so well and are insanely comfortable! I’m ready for a Loeffler Randall purchase and their new styles are adorable. Plus, the ladies behind the brand are super cute.


5 // Empowerment

How true is this? Mindset matters. Stay confident and humble but optimistic while being realistic. It’s all a balance and it’s a trait I try to practice everyday.


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