Mama Bird

Still reeling from Mother’s Day weekend.

With a few days on the CA coast with my love, to balancing both grandma’s on Sunday to a plethora of car dealerships (to my surprise!) it’s been a whirlwind.

To say I’m the luckiest mama around would be an understatement and not just because I drive a new Audi (heyyyyyo!) but because my family is seriously my world and even through the toughest of times (last week was far from great) we’ve got each other.

In complete honesty and transparency we thought we were adding to our family this year, but turns out there is some bigger plan. We were diagnosed with “blighted ovum” a couple weeks ago which practically means no embryo ever developed. It definitely caught us off guard since Hudson was quick and healthy from the get go. But we’re not naive to think situations like this can’t happen to us, because truth be told they happen to sweet families and couples more than you think. We even know a few.

I’m almost through the process in which my body can go back to ovulating so here’s hoping!

We believe everything happens for a reason, we believe that this is just part of our story and I can say whole heartedly that we believe something magical is going to happen this year when the time is right.

But until then, I’m still a mama bird. We’re all happy and healthy and life, no matter what the curve ball, can be dealt with together. Birds of a feather, am I right?!

photos: abby cox

shirt Bee & Fox / jeans c/o Parker Smith / sunnies c/o Foster Grant / sandals c/o J Shoes / watch c/o Fossil

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