5 Things

The cutest little digital magazine curated by the lovely Samantha at CIHT.

She does a good job at pulling together super cute kid things, but also travel tips and beauty picks for mama’s. Give it a glance. 

Because who doesn’t want their house to look like Joanna did it!?

A simple #DIY that for sure will make everyone question – “Fixer Upper?!”

3 // Summa Time

I’ve been pinning all the summer time vibes.

Escape to Pinterest for a hot second, if you need a total mental break.

4 // J Shoes

They found me and I’m so glad they did.

Amazing brand (even better customer service), amazing quality and at honest prices.

They have super cool guys shoes, too. Keep them on your radar for gifts!

So as I begged to go to Tartine Manufactory in SF last Thursday, I had no idea it was connected to Heath Ceramics which was a total surprise.

Anyway, their stuff is bomb and I would have purchased the store, but… luggage, you know?

But I did manage to grab placemats and candles so that’s a win.

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