I mean there are quite a few things that I got from my mama, but a fond memory of mine is just how creative she is.
Growing up she did so many arts and crafts – from turning soup cans into cool pencil holders, to wrapping our switch plate covers in unique fabric, our house was filled with creative activities. She would add cool decals and gemstones to our manicures – which as a young girl was pretty darn fancy.
I also loved her sense of style (still do). Back then she wore a ton of color and never went a day without blue mascara. Ah, mom you’re pretty rad.
She’s not shy and loves to dance. She’s got a free spirit which I admire whole heartedly.

I hope Hudson remembers how I dance all silly with him to his favorite cartoon theme songs, or how I’ll drum next to him as he plays guitar. I hope he remembers how affectionate his parents are and how important it is to show (not just say) how much you care and love someone. I hope one day he sees this blog and realizes just how passionate his mama is about expressing herself and documenting this journey.

If I’ve learned anything over the last two years of being a mom it’s that you gotta just go with the flow. You can’t control it all and it’s a total stress bomb if you try. Also, without a doubt patience is everything. 

So today I’m wishing all my fellow mamas a wonderful Mother’s Day. 

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