It would be selfish of me to not say anything.
To not mention it.
To just ignore it.

I’ve already donated this year to help the Syrian refugees and yet, I feel like that’s not enough. 
As a mom, I cannot watch innocent children in a state like that and not talk about it.

What a stark reality it paints – that this IS the world we live in.

I’m not naive to think that all of humanity will one day be filled with rainbows and butterflies, but that doesn’t STOP ME for asking for help. That whatever small impact I make won’t lead to bigger and better and even brighter things, because change has to start somewhere.

I can’t control others – like my “friends” who want to keep count and pick the small fights, for the people differing political or religious views, for those who live in their own little world but I can control myself.

When I thought life was throwing me a curve ball a few weeks ago, news like this put things in true perspective.

Life is precious. Life is short.



Ways to help:

White Helmets – are on the ground and helping evacuate and care for people.
Doctors Without Borders –  While not focused on Syria only, they are there and helping treat the wounded.
World Vision – They are providing clean water, sanitation and education for refugees.
World Food Programme – is providing food for people directly inside Syria as well as refugees.
International Rescue Committee – hat direct link will take you to the donations for Syrian refugees.

UN Refugee Agency – your tax-deductible gifts will not only provide emergency supplies — but will also give long-term support and assist refugee families with the expenses of daily living.

Who to call: your senators, The National Security Council (202-456-1111), The White House (202-456-1111), Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the UN (212-415-4000). 
Ask them what they are doing to help, urge them to get involved, be vocal, and welcome the refugees.

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