FALL with Wines of Garnacha

Of all the campaigns I’ve participated in… this one is a biggie.

Let me explain… 
FIVE whole bottles of wine from Garnacha showed up at my door step… 
right before my husband left for a week long work trip. 

Perfect timing? I think so. 
So I called my two besties, who let’s be real, have a better wine tasting palate than mine, to come over to sip, snack and celebrate the fact Garnacha wine is now in our lives. Celebrate the little things, right?

I also needed a minute to relax, unwind and have adult conversation. It’s tiring when you’re asked to make every stuffed animal to talk. So when I said “wine” in a text, the replies were promptly “I’m there!”
And since I don’t have nights like these often, I kinda went all out. I picked up some of the best cheeses to pair, broke out the cutest wine glasses, picked up some flowers and made a playlist. 

Mamas, can I get a HERE HERE! 
So thank you to Wines of Garnacha and Internantional Garnacha Day for turning a normal Friday night into something memorable, something overdue and something this mama needed.

Overall, I loved the variety – full bodied reds, a crisp white and a super trendy (on point) rose.
They pretty much have a wine for any occasion at a reasonable price point ($9 to $62!), which I totally appreciate.

In other words, go get ya some.
Or someone else some, so you can go over and drink it 😉


Originated in Spain – Garnacha is a Spanish grape that is used to make bold and earthy red wines. Now you can find Garnacha grapes in France, Italy, Greece, Australia and even California. Usually these grapes are used for blends or mixed with other grape varietals but now it’s becoming more and more popular on it’s own.


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