TEN Months

Our babe is officially in the TWO digits.
1 0  w h o l e  months.

And he’s becoming the sweetestfunniestcutest little tiny human ever. 

Sit’s up all on his own!
Pulls up on things (like his crib!)
Likes drinking from big boy cups
Can use a straw – so crazy
Has the cutest “fake” laugh
Tries to blow kisses but a finger typically stays in his mouth
He knows where his nose and toes are 😉
Has figured out how to feed the pups and he thinks it’s hysterical 
Can and will crawl but prefers being up and walking (with assistance)
Has tried sweet potato tots, gold fish, all kinds of bread, tortillas and now teething wafers
Top two teeth are minutes away from joining the current two teeth party
Got a viral infection and first urgent care visit 3 weeks ago – super rough week!
Ate his first popsicle*!
Can give you a high five
Starting to give hugs – best feeling ever. 
Dances to just about everything – new to the list: vacuum and hair dryer
Becoming a social butterfly – big into waving and checking everyone out at the park
Bikes, buses, motorcycles catch his eye every single time
Starting to get a little sassy – not a fan of being told “No” or “Don’t touch that” and get’s pissy when the pups get too close.
When I pick him up from his crib, he immediately reaches and asks for a “book”
All about opening and closing books. On repeat.
Where the Wild Things Are before bedtime
Latest show favorites: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Daniel the Tiger and Sesame Street
Everyday when I come home from work he instantly waves “bye bye” to Miss Kristen or Grandma (kid knows!)
Made the cutest Alvin for Halloween
Last we checked he was 21.5 lbs | 29.8 inches

*Popsicle = Pedialyte 


You are seriously the coolest little dude. All I want to do is spend time with you. Teach you new things, watch you learn and take your sweet face and waving chubby baby hands everywhere I go. 
We’ve had some great days lately – morning park visits and Park Ave walks. 
I love swinging with you. As you sit on my lap and hold onto the chains you smile – so big! I watch you look at all the other kids playing, screaming and running around. Babe, that will be you soon, I promise.
The holidays are just around the corner which is so exciting – you’re first Thanksgiving and then Christmas (with Auntie Erin) – going to be a new kind of magical this year. That’s what you do kid, you make everything better. 
I’m already mentally planning your birthday – your BIRTHDAY! You’re practically a toddler now so turning 1 soon seems fitting. 

Your dad and I love you little monster. 
Let’s keep this wild adventure going. 


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