Awesome like…


We’re having a boy! 
And you know what that means? He’ll get to play rough with his cousins, charm all the ladies, be a total mama’s boy and the Gernert name continues!
Nick and I are thrilled and we’re getting more excited by the day about this great new adventure. 
Total happy campers about this (bound to be) adorable little man. 
Dear baby boy,
So far you’ve been the easiest babe to take care of. You’ve been so good to me and I hope I have been to you. 
We found out weeks ago that you were a little “boy” and goodness, it was obvious. 
Your dad and I already decided on a name for you – one that has sentimental meaning to us. 
I’m really hoping that you inherit your dad’s blonde curly hair and infectous self-confidence. 
We’ve started buying you cute little boy things and your grandparents got you the sweetest bassinet. 
I envision that you’ll love it here and that you’ll melt our hearts in an instant. 
22 more weeks to go little one.
Your mom 


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