5 Things

1 // Coach’s Comeback

Maybe it’s the IG ads I’m getting – but Coach is serving up some classic silhouettes at the prices I can feel good about. I remember when getting their products was a MAJOR deal… I kinda think of them a retro/classic now and loving the new styles they are producing. Case in point:

2 // The Polished Jar

What a great gift idea?! Or even to keep in major traffic areas like the kitchen and powder?! Not only are these beautiful but the idea of using less plastic soap bottles is a total plus. But don’t fret they do have a plastic option that you can use in/around littles. Way to streamline and make all soaps look and feel pretty.

3 // Pear Bread Recipe

Getting more and more in the baking mood – surprise surprise! I love a good lemon or pumpkin bread, but this spin on banana with substituting for pears sounds SO good. Thanks Jo!

4 // The Cost

It’s true for a lot of things – good work comes at a cost. there are certain things you can’t really skimp out on (like design, trades, mechanics, healthcare… ) you get what you pay for and then some.

5 // Hey Santa…

And I love this concept soooo much – hoping to snag a bag for each boys and make some space for new toys, a new babe and a feel good moment to hopefully make someone else’s Christmas just a little bit better.

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