5 Tips for Hosting An Intimate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of our most favorite holidays – we love to gather, cook and eat good food together as a family. We get the boys involved in the cooking, we listen to good music and if the weather is nice have the windows open. This year, is a little different and only a few family members are coming over, but I still wanted to plan and prep for a day that will be just as special.

We did a few things that will help take the stress out of the holiday from hosts to guests and I thought I’d share!

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

1| Gather Outside

We’re so fortunate we have a beautiful courtyard space. We used an old folding table in our garage and tossed our extra gathre tablecloth on it. As folks don’t want to be held up inside, move the meal and party outside. Fresh air is so delightful and kids prefer it anyway.

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

2| Have A Variety of Seating Options

No hard feelings if you want the comfy couch and throw. Give people the option to sit at the table, across the room or off to the side. We need to give grace and just appreciate the presence we do have, even if it seems a little weird. Make the spaces feel inviting with comfy pillows and blankets if it’s chilly.

3| Simple and Meaningful Table Decor

I used extra holiday garland and faux magnolia blooms that I had around the house. You can also forage through your yard and find some beautiful branches and leaves to add at no cost! I mixed in some brass and ceramic candle holders that provide height and elegance. And to make it personal add photos of people you wish were there or of moments you’re grateful for to the table decor. I also love favors and this year we will be giving everyone mini votives.

4| Support Local

Cooking for a small group and it’s too much to do a full turkey? Totally get it. Lots of local restaurants and businesses are there to help. Pick up some special sides or desserts and take the additional stress away from cooking so you can be present and social. My friends at New General have some delicious options this year.

5| Keep it Casual

It’s going to be different this year – so set the expectation that it’s okay if folks come and go. If it’s just your immediate family and soak up the casual nature of being at home smelling all the goodness and listening to Christmas tunes softly in the background. Soft leather coasters and casual napkins go with the outdoor setting. Plus, cozy sweat sets are absolutely acceptable.

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs


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Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving no matter the arrangement.



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