Palmer 19 Months

Palmer James 19 Months

My little big bubs is 19 months! I think based on recent tantrums, his broad range of vocabulary and his ability to push every single boundary makes me think he’s already TWO.

  • He’ll gladly announce when he toots
  • If I let out a good burp (it happens) he’ll follow up with “Good one!”
  • Ask him auntie is drinking and his answer is always BEER
  • Has the blondest, shaggiest COVID mullet
  • Knows how to operate the microwave and washer and dryer
  • Consumes his weight in yogurt, veggie straws, fruit snacks and shredded cheese
  • BIG into the seasonal spookies!
  • Waves at everyone.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly is his latest favorite jam #punintended
  • Spits out water just as much as he drinks it
  • Getting really good on his balance bike and has no fear
  • Wears 18-24 clothes, size 5 diapers and size 7 shoes
  • Loves his puppy
  • He’s officially a swimmer and we’re all so proud of him
  • We’re starting to call animals by what they are vs. what sounds they make
  • A big fan of coloring and not just on paper
  • Kinda obsessed with his brother
  • Has a favorite blankie
  • Kid can RUN. fast.
  • If you ask him a question he might reply with “Not yet.” or “In a minute.”
  • Everything. Papa.
  • Wants to DRIVE now all the time.


I love you something fierce kiddo. You continue to be SO MUCH WORK but I consume you and love on you and take it all in because no matter how hectic you might make our days you fill it with just as much JOY. You love to cuddle and show affection and it makes my heart melt. Getting you in the morning is my favorite. Your little sleep face gets so excited. You are so animated and full of expressions – I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. Even on the hardest days, I count my lucky stars. You my boy, are everything and more.

Mama loves you.


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