Palmer – 18 Months


I’m so behind on this post, but I couldn’t miss it. 18 months of P has a been a whirlwind and this past month has been no exception.

He’s a wrecking ball of cute and wild energy and I continuously just want to eat him up.

my rainbow baby
the gernerts
  • Tries to repeat just about everything
  • Big into hugs – he’s super affectionate.
  • Laughs after every burp
  • Loves rice, cous cous, broccoli, pouches, yogurt and beef
  • Wants to do everything brother does – video games, coloring and riding bikes!
  • Has a thing for removing his pants and diaper
  • An amazing little sleeper and big time swimmer
  • Sporting the blondest covid mullet
  • BIG fan of trash cans… still.
  • Not really a beach kid. Like really?! Gonna be a mountain boy someday, I bet.
  • PAPA is still LIFE
  • Wants to read a million books before bed
  • Says things like “aw, cute!” “okay, yeah!” “thank youuuu.” “WOW!” and “COOL!”
  • Requests Happy, Moana and Frozen songs on repeat
  • Life of his own little party
  • He constantly has little beads of sweat on his nose
  • OFF the charts TALL
  • Loves to be chased
  • Will hide and yell “boo”
  • Knows the color blue

Palmer James,

As much as I hate seeing you grow up, I love seeing you develop. You’re a strong willed, determined and happy little guy and I love you with my whole heart. You bring our family so much joy and laughter and I some mornings when I walk into your bedroom and you say “mamaaa!” in that sweet high pitched voice, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thank you my sweet P for being YOU. For choosing me. You’re gonna move mountains, kid.

Mama loves you.


  1. I love to read your Precious thoughts❣ He really is character.. Love you all to pieces and love are time together..❤❤

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