Palmer – 17 Months

My littlest is looking SO big – soon he’ll be half way to TWO and I can’t believe it.

  • Constantly on the hunt for a controller so he can play video games with big brother.
  • Requests “Happy” by Pharrel Williams on repeat and loves to dance
  • Wants to watch videos of Papa
  • Still into Simple Songs on YouTube and Sesame Street
  • New found love for muffins
  • All of sudden we’re just “MOM” and “DAD” !? Um, how do I fix this?
  • Can say “Hudson” clear as day
  • Obsessed with finding trash cans
  • Currently in swim lessons and hates them but LOVES swimming and floating when his instructor isn’t there – total water baby
  • Getting more into coloring and less into eating markers
  • Wants to give Roxie a “treee” aka treat a couple times a day
  • Likes our wagon rides to the lake and seeing all the ducks
  • Can name all the ingredients when we’re doing taco night! Kid will eat the beef, onion, tomato and cheese by the fistfuls.
  • Knows how to open up the island drawers now – so that’s fun.
  • Still taking 2 naps a day and sleeps from 8:30pm to 8am #score
  • Has the blondest little mullet forming #coronahair
  • On his last paci
  • King of getting into things he shouldn’t, hiding in dark places and being absolutely still and quiet
  • All about hide and seek, pulling out snacks in the pantry and giving Roxie loves
  • A whole horrible facetimer
  • Will stick his feet in the air and yell “STINKY” – indeed, kiddo.
  • Ask him anything, odds are he’ll just say “No.”


My little love – you make me smile. I’m obsessed with everything about you. Even the naughty tendencies – which, says something. I love your love. Your sweet voice, your crazy deep giggle/cackle thing and I love your quirky mannerisms. I’m so proud of how fearless you are – from swimming to activities to eating you do everything full tilt. The sound of your fast little feet tapping the ground as your scatter throughout the house brings me so much joy. MAMA loves you, bubs.


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