5 Things

A new #5things is in order – so much content being pushed out right now and I know it’s hard to keep up at times.

But here are few things I’ve come across scouring Pinterest and Instagram looking for things that are well, inspiring.

1 // Digital Art Prints

I loved Chris Loves Julia’s post on this so very much. It totally opened up my mind to affordable classic art! I also learned about a lot amazing Etsy shops that have amazing pieces. I’m looking to order a couple for our master bedroom and kitchen. I also loved the hack of using the download and using it on our Frame TV. Brilliant. (image above via @haris.kenjar)

2 // Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

This sounds SO good. Anything citrus with my favorite Casamigos Blanco tequila. Now that we have most of the ingredients at home, I’m looking forward to exploring new flavors like this one. Guys, we’re all consuming more alcohol right now so there is no reason to deny it.

3 // What To Do With the Million Art Projects Happening At Home?

I came across pin on Pinterest and thought it was amazing. We have so many hangers like this in Hudson’s closet and with all of his art projects at home lately, this is a great and inexpensive way to display it! We’re going to try to hang a few of these in his room and playroom this weekend. I’ll share how it turns out.

4 // Perfect Manis at home

Another BRILLIANT idea, folks – get these mani stickers (made custom for your nails) and delivered to your door. These last up to two weeks and easy to remove. I love the detailed manis so much like the dots, flowers and rainbow moons!


At a time like this we need focus and not on the negative.

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