5 Design & Organizing Tips for a Kitchen of Your Dreams

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I touched on a lot of these in Emily Henderson’s post – ICYMI – here’s the link! Go give it some love 🙂

It’s true the design and layout of your kitchen is the BIGGIE. But once you’re in the space, organization just has to be there and it needs to work with your lifestyle. I’m shedding some light on a few things we did personally that made our kitchen and it’s utility above and beyond.

Cabinets are (next to flooring) one of the biggest expenses to a home. The process can be as detailed and as overwhelming as you let it. But here are 3 tips from a design perspective to get your bang for the buck when it comes to kitchen cabinets…

  1. Inset, isn’t always worth it. To achieve a custom look, add dividers that go to the floor (which helps frame cabinet bases) and gives a more custom look. My kitchen is a great example.
  2. Door style matters. It’s where your personality really shines besides cabinet hardware. Clean shaker styles are more timeless and appeal to most, but I do have an affinity right now for slab drawer fronts. If you can’t do inset (again, that’s okay!) maybe you can do panel fronts on your appliances instead.
  3. Hardware!! Look for pieces that really speak to the style of your home (not just your kitchen). What’s your dominating hardware finish? Also look for hardware in unexpected places – I find so many gems on Etsy and Anthropologie.

When it comes to functionality and usage – ORGANIZATION is key! When doing your cabinet layouts, already think about where things might go and things you might need. In our new house, the boys have 3 dedicated drawers in the island that they can access for all of their serve-ware.

Also, hire the Neat Method to help you 1) get what you need & how much. But when it comes down to it here’s my recommendation:

  1. Cabinet liners are key. We partnered with Exact Mats and it was an amazing experience. Our friends at Neat Method, truly championed their products so we went with it and we’re SO glad we did. They are custom fit to your cabinets and are well worth the price. They 1) protect your cabinets/drawers 2) prevent items from slipping or moving around when you open up drawers 3) don’t leave any residue and are easy to clean. GUYS, the product is genius and super versatile.
  2. The Container Store is your new best friend. When it came to organizing our drawers and pantry (which we didn’t have before) it was critical to set them set up the second we moved in. We worked with the Neat Method and TCS for this process and within 2 days our kitchen was organized and unpacked and ready to go. Sure we’ll shift locations of things as we live in the space and that’s okay. It’s about finding everything a place. The biggest giddy moment was seeing all the lovely containers and labels in our pantry. All the kid snacks/food are on the lower (easy to reach) drawers and it’s working out really well!

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  1. I just love seeing your beautiful house! Good to know about the Neat Method folks… Have long wondered if that was a good investment to make and seems like it is!

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