Mother’s Day Round Up

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Crazy to think Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with current state of things I think it’s safe to say mothers all over are doing their best to juggle a million things.

Here is a mix of ideas that range from comfy clothes, personal touches, relevant tech updates, and things that can make “being at home” more enjoyable.

I realize not everyone can buy things as of late, so here are few other things you can make and mail to those sweet mama figures in your life:

  • Handmade sun-catcher – so many beautiful displays in windows these days, brighten mom’s or grandma’s day with one of these!
  • Grandkid silhouettes – Emily Henderson just did a post on this DIY and it’s super cute and looks easy enough.
  • Model clay gifts – we just got some and Hudson is getting super into it. I love the terracotta color the best, but cute to make dishes, trinkets or even sculptures!
  • Order some family masks that are kinda cute but also with every purchase feeds kids in need.
  • Donate to Feeding America or No Kid Hungry in their name.

Wishing all the mamas, grandmas, aunts, soon to be mamas, dadas who are mamas and everything in-between a wonderful Mother’s Day. Hug your mamas and babies tight.


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