Palmer – 14 Months

This kid continues to beat to his own drum. He’s as wild as he is sweet. Truly a “push all the boundaries” kid but goodness me, he’s cute.

  • Only #14monthsold but looks so much older
  • He’s gone from walking to practically running, jumping, climbing and booty dancing.
  • Can sign for more and please.
  • LOVES the Frozen II soundtrack and will gladly sing, I mean scream a long.
  • Big into all things animals (stuffed or real) – likes noisy animal books and will constantly find Roxie to give her kisses.
  • Will ask for and follow along to the “open shut” song through Simple Songs.
  • Still a fan of Elmo and now Snuffy!
  • We’re pretty sure he’s allergic to black beans. Hudson at this age, loved them!
  • Helps himself to the pantry, dog water bowl and just about every cabinet.
  • Likes veggie straws, puffs, broccoli, shredded cheese, mac & cheese, fruit snacks, strawberries and cous cous. Read as – kid likes to eat.
  • Wants and tries to do everything brother does. #monkeysee
  • Enjoys walks, bike rides, picking up sticks and lantern duty with dad and big brother.
  • Starting to show interest in Hudson’s old balance bike!
  • Can say(ish): hello, mama, gaga = dada (we’re trying to fix it), kaka = kiki, gigi, papa, bath, boat, bubbles (in reference to the pool), go and waffle.
  • Speaking of waffles, likes to help mama put the frozen waffles in the toaster every morning.
  • Starting to get super cute blonde curls at the nape of his neck. GAH!

Palmer James,

Goodness, I love you bubs. You are SO big and I can’t believe just how cute, funny and spunky you’re getting. To say you’re different from your brother is an understatement – you have such a wild spirit.

You have this vibrance about you that just radiates and you have this ability to melt my heart with every “mama”, kiss and cuddle. You’re tough and resilient and peaceful all at the same time. You’re intense when you need to be. I couldn’t imagine you being any other way and I promise to love and cherish all you are and all that you are becoming.

Mama loves you.


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