5 Things

It’s been awhile – but I wanted to go ahead and carve out some time to type one up and share a few things that I’ve come across and think are super awesome.

These posts are actually pretty popular and I’m sorry they have been neglected – I’ll be better about sharing cool things moving forward! 🙂

1 // The quote that resonates the most. The things we used to take for granted will no longer be taken for granted. It has been an unfortunate RESET on what matters most and when it comes down to it, it’s not stuff – it’s PEOPLE, it’s connection and it’s freedom to feel safe in a country so many folks put their life on the line for.

2 // To educate the littles. Hudson stopped saying “the sickness” and now just full blown talks about the “Coronavirus” and how his dad did have it. It’s crazy what he’s starting to understand and I think books are always a good tool to help further that education.

3 // Sanitizing station. It’s sleek and no more than ever, an important in step in fighting germs. Our phones are always where everything is, so I love that more cute options like this are available.

4 // Looking on the bright side. Love this craft idea with coffee filters (we always have abundance) and as parent’s juggling a lot right now (nannies, too!) this is cool idea. This instagram account has amazing kid craft ideas.

5 // Local Optimist. Love this sweatshirt soooo much! As we all continue to be “comfy” at home, I love the message it brings as well. It’s a reminder to be grateful for the little things, big things and everything in-between. shop it here.

Ps. if you need a new WFH playlist, our local cafe put a sweet one together on spotify. check it out here. happy tuesday, friends.

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