Get Our Foyer Look for Less

A few questions regarding our foyer had me thinking about sharing all the sources but also how to acheieve the look for less.

We’re all looking to make some home improvements since we’re home all the time now to make our humble abode feel more like us, maybe even refreshing since everything outside of our domain is not.

I love how it all came together. Thankfully we were able to repurpose the big items like the RH console table and the Pottery Barn mirror that Nick got me for an anniversary present one year.

It keeps the space bright and airy – I want it be a purposeful space where folks can put some stuff down, where the kids can grab a blanket out of the basket if they want to go play outside…

It’s a nice mix of affordable decor with a few more high end pieces that round out the space. Life is a mix of things isn’t it? So it was important that it wasn’t too contrived. A lot of these elements can be swapped out when we go to decorate for holidays so I like how minimal it is so it can also be flexible.

What is your favorite part of the foyer?

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