What I Got From Studio McGee’s New Line from Target

Like all my fellow design friends, we’re all stoked about this one. Even with setting alarms or getting up early with kids – a lot of the decor items SOLD out fast.

It was a wee 7:45am last Saturday morning when I was frantically trying to add things to my cart, all the while sipping coffee so I could wake up.

WELL, the goods arrived (with the quickness) and I’m already getting notifications of things coming back IN-STOCK so I’m hopeful by the time this post goes live, y’all will find it useful but also resourceful!

I snagged more of the decor items than furniture. I’m trying to hold back on furniture right now since we need to make some new purchases for our living room, but I don’t want to rush into it. So those who got furniture – please share in the comments below.

I was the most excited about the art and faux greenery pieces – both of those things can be SO expensive. And then I snagged a few smaller decor elements that would work in the plethora of open shelving I have around our home.

After unboxing and getting to touch and feel all these things here is how it breaks down:

My absolute favorite pieces: the stoneware (small vase, large vase and bowl), art print and storage baskets.

A couple things I might return are: the floral arrangement (looks really fake and is a bit wild), the lumbar pillow in blue and the gold decorative object.

I can’t complain about price points – even at Target, I price shop because well it’s Target and the one thing you go in for you still come out with 10 other things and then a whopping bill later SO price still matters.

Some of the things I still want to get are the planters and rugs to help dress up a few of our outdoor living spaces.

A lot of the decor elements I got are super versatile – vases, bowls and baskets could be used anywhere throughout the home. I’m excited to play with these some more and find them a nice little spot to shine. I would get 2 more of the smaller round vase (above) it’s only $10 and looks so much more expensive.

Since this is a multiyear contract – I’m hoping they come out with more kitchen essentials, bedding and bath linens and maybe even kid decor. I think we all just want to do a one stop shop for everything home but with a Studio McGee aesthetic.

It’s such an important time to make HOME your sanctuary and feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease during a situation that is everything but.

everything I original bought is linked here:

Happy (online!) shopping!

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