My Kitchen Decor Essentials

I’m always asked “how do you style your kitchen? what’s the secret?” and truthfully there isn’t one.

Kitchen decor for the most part should be practical. My philosophy is don’t put things out there that 1) doesn’t serve a purpose 2) doesn’t mean something.

We all want our kitchen and home to look and feel good – no doubt! So here are my everyday kitchen essentials and where they should go:

At/near your cooktop or range

  • crock
  • wooden spoons
  • salt and pepper holder
  • tray or trivet for your olive oil or spices
  • pretty olive oil container
  • cook book stand for either a cookbook, photograph or painting
  • Neutral hand towels
  • A statement rug

At/near your sink

  • Pretty soap that smells amazing
  • Cute paper towel holder
  • Public goods dish soap and sponge
  • A pretty rack for air dry doesn’t hurt either
  • A comfy and practical mat

Island decor

  • Start with a base, like a tray or even a basket
  • Add a bowl with your favorite fruit, veggie or citrus
  • A candle for ambiance
  • Coasters – I love marble ones, but leather are fun too!
  • Vase with some type of floral arrangement or greenery

Open Shelving

  • Pretty grab and go dishware – big fan of canvas home dishes, glass mason jars and ceramic mugs
  • Cookbooks and cutting boards
  • Art pieces or framed photographs
  • Statement cookware that doesn’t get used all the time – casserole dishes or pitchers
  • Greenery – useful herbs are perfect for the kitchen (we have rosemary!)

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