How To Turn a Shared Space into a Functional Playroom with Pottery Barn Kids

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When we moved into our new home we needed to turn our shared loft space into the playroom. Since it’s not a dedicated playroom, it was important to us to make it a functional place that can be easily organized but also grow with the boys as they get older.

With Pottery Barn Kids it was a pretty nice one stop shop. They have solutions for playrooms and toy organization down pat so I was excited to see it all come together.


It was a family affair unboxing, assembly and putting toys in certain boxes. It honestly made the move exciting for them – they were creating a fun, new and functional space for them and they were apart of every step!


This new playroom is now their favorite place to hang out! We play games, do puzzles, play with cars on their new mat and all the while we’re comfortable and happy. It’s been a total win win for both the boys but also for us the parents. Kids can easily turn a house upside down and they accumulate stuff (and they know everything that’s theirs!) faster than anything so a place for all of it has been amazing.



  1. That’s a very well put together presentation and it looks so functional I bet the kids are having a great time with it as well great job Jamie Gernert

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