Wear Lively’s New Fragrance

this post is sponsored by Wear Lively but my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

My friends at Wear Lively launched a brand new fragrance and it’s a SPRING dream.

Jasmine. Sea. Sun. is the scent for the season and here’s why:

  1. Sometimes the most important thing you put on can’t be seen
  2. If you’re going on vacation it’s the perfect compliment
  3. If you’re not going on vacation but want to smell like you are, then you need it
  4. I bet it’s a scent you’ve never really smelled before / a mix jasmine sambac, sea salt, crisp pear and sandalwood.

I’m not a huge perfume user – I prefer a body oil or even my body lotion to be my “smell.” So many products I use have a fragrance so I don’t want to be a walking perfume cloud, but with this – I can see myself wearing it on certain days where I know it’ll stand out. It’ll make me feel put together and light and pretty.

I’m super proud of the Wear Lively team – they are KIND, fun and a treat to work with! So go on over to their site, their instagram and show them love! And feel free to pick up some spring essentials like this strapless bra, one piece suit and their Jasmine. Sea. Sun fragrance!

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